Blocked By Pete

I present to you the most disingenuous human on the planet.
I present to you the most disingenuous human on the planet.

My friend started a facebook page for all the health, diet, medical & fitness professionals, as well as members of the public, who’ve been blocked from Chef Pete Evans page for asking questions or providing links to scientific literature addressing some of his preposterous fear mongering.

I’ve been made an admin, so in case you missed it… here’s my response to this disingenuous inference that Pete’s detractors would really love to support him if only they didn’t have financial ties to corrupt multinationals who don’t want you to know the truth… or whatever batshit conspiracy theory he’s working from here. Cut n paste of my response on facebook:

A few people have posted or messaged us the screenshot of Pete’s latest update talking about how everyone else has a conflict of interest and… what was it? their / our “hands are tied because of associations to these companies” and the inference that once we “distance ourselves from such companies and regain (our) integrity” we’ll come out in support of him, or something?
It’s as if he has taken a vow of poverty or something and money is no motivating factor in what he does, and the rest of us are just corrupt shills getting paid to suppress the truth. Ironically people have posted here that they own his earlier cookbooks that actually were sponsored by multinationals, “big pharma” and so on.
I dunno if you’ve seen this video from Better Homes and Gardens but he has a really nice house. I don’t have a nice big house like that. I’m just saying, either he got paid really well when he was doing what he now accuses others of doing OR he’s getting paid really well now for not caring about money or whatever impression he was trying to make.
FTR I don’t begrudge anyone making a fortune through hard work and especially through helping others but to do it through fearmongering and promoting orthorexia is a different matter. To infer that others are “paid off”and to question the integrity of qualified professionals when you are raking it in is highly disingenuous.
I might add this. People on their first visit to this site might not be aware, there is an entire FREE education and exercise program here. I built it because I raged out a few years ago when I kept getting pressured from within the fitness industry to promote paleo and other restrictive eating practices. I decided I’d rather go broke, go back to security work, or even DIE than get on board with nonsense that I knew was both incorrect and potentially harmful. So if anyone wants to talk about “integrity vs money” like ol’ Pete is insinuating in that screenshot above… bring it on.
Proudly sponsored by big pharma. Shillbucks ahoy!
Proudly sponsored by big pharma. Shillbucks ahoy!

It’d be a LOT easier for me to run a profitable business based on “whatever crap you saw on tv the other day, yeah that’s what I do it’s great” than it is trying to address misinformation and urban myths.

Have you been #blockedbypete? Come and join us, we’re nice people.


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I'm DaveHPT, Maybe you've heard of me? Musician, rock star and recording artist. Published author. Former security industry professional. Personal Trainer and Weight Management Architect Of Awesomeness. Problem Solver.

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