Training Program; Day 3 & rest of week.

OK day three of the training program.

If you’ve been paying attention to the program so far you already know that body weight is determined by calorific intake, and resistance training is by far the best way to positively influence body composition. In other words, we’re eating an appropriate amount to maintain our goal weight, and training to build our goal physique.

So, a program based on resistance training is by far the best strategy to get into great shape. But that’s not to say “resistance training at the exclusion of everything else. So we’re doing a pushing day, a pulling day… and then we have a day off lifting and find something else to do instead.

This can be your choice if you’d like to do something a little more social like a group fitness class at the gym, or yoga, or whatever you like really. But if none of that sounds appealing, here’s my suggestion.

Interval Training Routine

Warm Up: 5 minutes on the cross trainer / elliptical.
No need to go crazy on this, it’s just a warm up. Just enough to break into a slight sweat.

Sprint: 1 minute sprint on the rowing machine; aim for at least 200 – 250 metres depending on your level of fitness.
Recovery: 5 minutes on the exercise bike. You should be pretty much destroyed from the sprint you just did, so just go easy for 5 minutes of active recovery.

Sprint: 1 minute sprint on the rowing machine. Aim to match or improve upon your distance from the previous sprint.
Recovery: 5 minutes on the treadmill. Just pace it out while you regain your composure.

Sprint: 1 minute sprint on the rowing machine.
Recovery / Cool Down: 5 minutes on the cross trainer.

Progression: Look to increase to a 2 minute / 500 metre sprint after a month, and 3 minute / 750 metre sprints by the next month.

Here I’m assuming that you have access to all the same cardio equipment as I have at my gym. If not, just use what you’ve got. If you don’t have the rowing machine or you just want another option… try some burpees instead.

Remember: 30 minutes of this once or twice a week is PLENTY. If you’re thinking “I’m going to do this every day before/after the weights routine”, go back and reread the entire program again cos you aint getting it yet!

Let’s sneak some core and ab work in as well.

You should be activating your core through all of the exercises in the program… (hint – think like you’re trying to hold in a fart, or you’re scared you might wee a little from all the hard work)… but since we have time let’s put in all the usual core stuff, as follows:

  • Plank / aka Prone Hold / aka Front Brace.
    Do 4 x 30 seconds. Do it properly, with good hip and back posture and activate that core as described above.
  • Side Plank.
    4 x 30 seconds.
  • Crunches. On the exercise ball, or machine crunches if you have a machine available.
    4 x 15 crunches should do to start off. Squeeze those abs.
    If it doesn’t feel like torture you aint doing it right.

Training Program Day 4

Here we start over again and go back to our pushing routing as per day 1. You could start off with the vertical pushing instead of horizontal this time for a little variety though.

Training Program Day 5

You can probably guess, it’s the pulling routing again but start out with the vertical movements rather than the horizontal.

Weekend / Day 6 & 7

Keep in mind you can start at Day 1 on which ever day of the week suits you, but try to keep to the schedule after that. If there’s a group class you’d like to take with your friends on Tuesdays, then make Day 1 a Sunday. It makes sense, right?

So for day 6, if you’re a glutton for punishment you could do the interval routine again. Or just get out for a nice walk & bike ride in the park. On Day 7 your priority is  to do meal planning and preparation. If you have work or school, get your meals together in advance and stick ’em in the freezer. And a nice walk in the park after that if you still have time.

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