Happy New Year 2018

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Better late than never, right?

A little update: I’ve retired my formerly official business website, and as of now my blogspot is the official DHPT Sports Nutrition & Weight Management website & blog.

Therefore I’ve imported a bunch of my old entries from the other blog and added them to the blog here. And I’m in the process of reviewing them and making sure they all make sense and have no broken links or missing images or any other problems.

For those interested in Online IIFYM & Flexible Dieting Coaching the best place to learn more is still via the Flexible Fueling website. Really there’s a lot of people offering this service online now, but you only have to look at most of their social media feeds to see that they’re still just suggesting “eat less and less and less, no one has ever not been eating too much or needed to eat more”. Your boy is still the Originator & the Innovator when it comes to this stuff, and very few have even caught up to where I was when I wrote the free program on this site, much less to where I am at now.

You should follow my Flexible Fueling page on google+ to be sure that you never miss an update here or on blogspot.





What you shouldn’t put in your vagina: 2017’s greatest hits

Honestly I thought Gwyneth Paltrow was bad enough back when all she was doing was shilling for fitness charlatan Tracy Anderson but wow… just wow.

Dr. Jen Gunter

It seemed as if the medical Internets of 2017 was as the mercy of a random vagina-woo generator. No sooner had I written an impassioned plea about why substance X shouldn’t go into the vagina I was getting tweets and Facebook messages about object Y.

I blame Gwyneth Paltrow. I mean why not, but if we are going to strive for accuracy (which I always do) it does seem that GP birthed this vaginal lunacy trend by treating us to vaginal jade eggs in January of 2017. While GP breathlessly claimed that when she finds “something that works” she wants to share it she couldn’t answer any question about the “practice” of jade eggs when Jimmy Kimmel inquired. Imagine claiming that bringing good health to people is your mission, your full-time job no less, and then when you are asked a question about something you have both endorsed and sold…

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The Pathological Liar

Fiona O'Leary


I recently watched the new film about Andrew Wakefield titled the Pathological Optimist, you can see my video review here.

The film is very badly presented and has zero input from Autistic people as usual.

The other Wakefield worshiping film Vaxxed From Cover Up To Catastrophe did this also, read my review of Vaxxed here.

The director of The Pathological Optimist Miranda Bailey spent five years making this film which basically portrays Wakefield as a victim and someone we should all feel sorry for.

Wakefields daily life is documented with scenes of him at the Gym and chopping wood etc.


Wakefield and his family are interviewed and unveil one sob story after the other.

Wakefields corrupt and fraudulent behaviour is not delivered in a balanced way throughout this film.

Wakefield is a documented FRAUD!

Learn about Wakefield here.

His lies continue to maim and kill children all…

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Report: Attendance at a Pseudoscience Lecture on Gerson Therapy

All forms of quackery are reprehensible but the exploitation of the potentially terminally ill, and the dissuasion from pursuing actual medical treatment is especially heinous.


On Tuesday the 15th of August at a Holiday Inn conference room in Liverpool two of my colleagues from the Merseyside Skeptics Society and I attended a talk entitled “Censored for Curing Cancer”. Also in attendance were around 70 members of the public – some of whom were cancer patients.

The talk had been promoted as a tell-all in spite of censoring and was open to any member of the public through Eventbright ticketing for £20 in advance or for a cost of £30 on the door. The speaker, Patrick Vickers runs the Northern Baja Gerson Centre clinic in Mexico where, as Patrick described it, “we’re treating advance terminal diseases. Not just cancer but virtually every single disease we’re successfully treating, and we’re doing it with Gerson Therapy”.

I heard about the talk through social media, the poster was shared around by alternative medicine proponents with promises of an…

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The Case Against The Case Against Sugar

Taubes continues to be garbage.

The Science of Nutrition


As I read through Gary Taubes’s The Case Against Sugar – or as I sometimes refer to it “CAS” for short – one question kept popping up in my mind: Was this a book that needed to be written? The answer is a resounding NO.

Why do I say this? Is it because I have some personal grudge against Taubes? No. Rather, I say this book doesn’t need to exist for the following reasons:

  1. Is anyone under the impression that we need MORE sugar in our diets? That we would be healthier if people drank MORE high-calorie sugar water and ate MORE Oreos? Are doctors and nutritionists and policy-makers saying things like “In order to fight this obesity epidemic, all we need to do is get people to start adding cokes, cookies, candy, cake, cream-puffs, and corn syrup”? Of course not.
  2. But for the sake of my introductory argument…

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You should stop sharing posts from: Authority Nutrition.

For some reason this is a wildly popular site that people treat as a credible source of information.

My experience going WAY back whenever I was getting pressured to enforce grain free, clean eating, paleo or whatever other form of restrictive dieting upon my clients, or whenever I came across a clickbait style, pro-orthorexic fearmongering type article about why eating cereal for breakfast was no better than eating confectionery, etc… almost invariably there’d be a link to something on Authority Nutrition to back it up.


A picture is worth a thousand words, so just look at the contradictory posts on sugar, the fear mongering “avoid as if you’re life depended upon it” headlines, the nonsense about wheat, and general orthorexic clickbait nature of it all.

Same author, same website.
Same author, same website.

even-more-authority-nutrition-sugar-trashFor what it’s worth, sugar is NOT an addictive substance and there is more than enough research linked in my masterpost on blogspot (see the link) to support this. But either way, how is this guy going to state in multiple articles that it IS addictive and then also bust that as an “alternative nutrition” myth?


If that wasn’t enough… just look at all this garbage misinformation and fear mongering over wheat and how it is going to “destroy your health”.

Please stop promoting that pro-orthorexic clickbait site.

Over Three Dozen Times and Counting, Food Babe Sells Another “Toxic” Product: Tarte MutiplEYE Eye Liner

More “food babe” scams exposed. What a deplorable human being.

Bad Science Debunked

multiplEYE Vani Hari endocrine disruptors Vani Hari has been caught selling more than three dozen products featuring the very chemical compounds she warns her followers to avoid.

Happy Friday!  It’s been a while since we’ve taken one of our payday shopping trips to FoodBabe.com.  Admittedly, the shtick has become a little tired.  Lets’ be honest–if GMO-poisoned cats existed, you couldn’t swing one in Food Babe’s online shop without hitting a product that contains the same “dangerous” chemicals she warns her followers to avoid. Hari’s hypocrisy is so obvious to anyone who cares to look that the only possible explanation for how she continues to make money is, clearly:  nobody is bothering to look.

And yet, it’s not in my nature to sit quietly by and watch an unsuspecting public be deprived of their hard-earned money.  So, dear reader, let’s once again point our web browsers at FoodBabe.com and check out another product pushed by Food…

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