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This. Ever so much this.


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Confession: I’m a teacher, nutritionist and feeding therapist. I refuse to place a bunch of soft drink bottles on a table along with sugar cubes and ask children to guess how much sugar is in each drink. Nor do I use the same concept with chocolate bars, lollies, cereals, condiments and fruit.

Why I hear you ask?

Yes, this task is visual and tactile and it can be a fun guessing game but, is it really helping children curb their sugar intake? Possibly yes, in the short term because it has instilled fear and worry. And for some personality types, this seemingly innocent activity and surrounding discussion can result in a full-blown eating disorder. An extreme situation but this is the reality of the anti-sugar movement. This kind of activity is far from gold standard or quality teaching.

How does a child think?

Primary aged children are rule-based thinkers. They…

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