Program Recap & Review

Let’s quickly recap and review everything we’ve covered in the program so far.

Wow, we have really covered a lot of ground. Honestly I would say that by now, if you have really read, absorbed and understood everything I’ve given you, you’re probably now better equipped to control and maintain your own weight than the average newly qualified Personal Trainer is.

We’ve covered the technical stuff, the mathematics / arithmetic, and corrected a lot of the myths and common misconceptions about how to go about getting into shape. Perhaps even more importantly we have looked at issues with belief systems or self perception which may otherwise have lead you down the wrong path even when on a conscious & intellectual level you know better. I believe that when you understand the internal / subconscious processes that influence your decisions, you are better able to steer yourself back onto the right path and the most appropriate strategy.

OK here’s the recap, in random order for now.

Your Beliefs

We went over this in depth.
There’s no reason to believe anything other than that through following the correct approach you will arrive at your goal weight and body type.


“If It Fits Your Macros”.
It isn’t necessary to stress out worrying about “if I eat this, will it make me fat?” At the end of the day, you’re either eating the right amount or you aint. More nutrient dense foods will mean you can eat more than you would with less nutritious junk foods, but individual choices will not make you fat or ruin your progress… as long as you still end up at about the right amount of calories from protein, fats and carbs.

Calorie Counting & Meal Planning

First up always remember it is about eating The Right Amount (not too much, not too little) rather than “as little as possible”. We use calorie counting and meal planning to get a feel for how much is “about right”, until we can do it by intuition.

Calorie Burning

Missing the point of exercise, in my opinion. We exercise (train, I should say) in a manner to force our body to make a specific adaptation… which is to become lean, strong, and sexy looking. Taking in an appropriate amount of calories is how we fuel, recover, and adapt to training. A focus on “burning more calories” implies that they are something we have no use for, and in my opinion this line of thought encourages people to start undereating and over training.

Re-read the point above, about calorie counting. You have to eat The Right Amount.

Weight Training Won’t Make You Bulky

Take it from a man who actually wants to be bulky, it isn’t bloody easy to do and it certainly has never, ever happened to anyone by accident! 5kg of muscle takes up a lot less space than 5kg of fat. Therefore, a lean and attractive figure usually has more to do with the ratio of lean (muscle) mass to adipose (fat) tissue, rather than scale weight. With more muscle and less fat you’ll appear smaller / more toned, even at the same bodyweight.

That’s the gist of it, right?

How to screw things up and hinder your progress.

This is one of the hard parts for me as a trainer. Quite often, when you give someone a plan or program, there’s a tendency for them to want to modify the program to fit in more with their pre-conceived ideas about diet and exercise. So usually that means something like “1800 calorie meal plan? If I eat even less I’ll lose weight faster!”, or “one hour or weight training? I’ll add an hour on the treadmill before, and another hour on the treadmill after… then I’ll lose weight faster”.

No. Just no.

Remember everything you have learned about appropriate intake for fuelling, recovery and adaptation to exercise. Stick to the plan!

Absolute Bottom Line

Results come from appropriate training on appropriate intake, not from excessive exercise on insufficient fuel.

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