Giving Your Gut Bugs Some Love – Let’s Talk Gut Health

“Gut Health” is one of those areas where there’s a lot of confusion and uncertainty, and of course that means it’s a topic often seized upon by people pushing fad diets. Often while said fad diet excludes a lot of the most beneficial stuff, ironically enough.

Here’s some better information on the subject.

The Irish Balance


The topic of this article is one I’ve been keen to write for quite a while, but wanted to wait until I really felt that I have done sufficient background reading into the area to distill the science down a bit for you guys. Before Christmas, I joined an excellent webinar organised by Nutriwebinar all about the gut microbiome and gut health, which gave me the push and knowledge to share what I learnt with you all. I’ve been reading into this area for the last 18 months and still feel as though I’ve only scratched the surface, which is largely because it’s still such a hot area of research, one which is evolving constantly. So, in this article we’ll discuss the basics about our gut bugs, how we can give them the love they deserve, and why that’s really important for many aspects of our health.

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Potato Protein Power

I saw a tweet about “the value of potatoes in the diet” with a link to this article, and I thought “now you’re talking my language!”



POTATOES.3. “Potatoes” – Photo by Leonie Elizabeth 23 December 2017

If you have read one or many nutrition articles of recent years you would be forgiven for thinking that potatoes are nothing but carbohydrates with no other purpose as a food than converting to sugar, spiking blood glucose and creating havoc to our metabolic systems. Once a proud staple food, it has been attacked by dieters and professors alike, even relegated to the top tier (use sparingly) in an alternative Healthy Eating Pyramid.

You would also be forgiven for thinking of other foods, usually animal foods, as protein.

In food guides, foods are placed into various groups of similar nutrient value and these are usually fruit, vegetables, cereals, dairy and then a fifth group often named ‘protein‘ foods. Here ‘protein’ foods refer to meat, eggs, fish, poultry, legumes and nuts. The UK Eatwell Guide (1), although…

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That Sugar Activity

This. Ever so much this.


that sugar blog (1)

Confession: I’m a teacher, nutritionist and feeding therapist. I refuse to place a bunch of soft drink bottles on a table along with sugar cubes and ask children to guess how much sugar is in each drink. Nor do I use the same concept with chocolate bars, lollies, cereals, condiments and fruit.

Why I hear you ask?

Yes, this task is visual and tactile and it can be a fun guessing game but, is it really helping children curb their sugar intake? Possibly yes, in the short term because it has instilled fear and worry. And for some personality types, this seemingly innocent activity and surrounding discussion can result in a full-blown eating disorder. An extreme situation but this is the reality of the anti-sugar movement. This kind of activity is far from gold standard or quality teaching.

How does a child think?

Primary aged children are rule-based thinkers. They…

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Keto Fit Premium Celebrity Endorsements

I don’t update this blog as much as I probably should but WAAAAAY back in the day I started it because it seemed like all the people marketing weight loss, diets, diet pills and so forth were lying sociopaths and it pissed me off, and I decided to try do something about it.

However many years later it seems like the only thing that’s changed is that now the word “Keto” is attached to more of these scams than it was back then.

For example, KetoFitPremium.

Are they lying scam artists and sociopaths though? Well… you be the judge.

keto fit premium

Here’s the link to the original tweet.

Evidence Suggests Sovereign Movement May Have Brought MMS BLEACH Cult To Ireland

Disturbing content.
We have entered a new Dark Age where people reject science, form cults and just believe whatever they want in order to feel important. Which is bad enough to begin with but when used to justify the abuse of children it is especially heinous.

Fiona O'Leary

I have been campaigning against quack treatments for many years now.

I have exposed, reported and helped to prosecute those who peddle a lethal bleach product known as MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) or CD (Chlorine Dioxide)

Read more about my campaign work here, here and here.

I am due to give evidence regarding another MMS case in two weeks time.

I have five children, two of my children are on the Autism spectrum.

Autistic children are being experimented on and abused with quack treatments like this BLEACH product MMS.

They are being poisoned, forced to drink this toxic BLEACH all day long, then they are pinned down whilst burning BLEACH ENEMAS are forced into their bodies.

All government bodies, Child Protection Agencies, the HSE and the Gardai call MMS child abuse.

Investigations are ongoing into parents who gave this toxic BLEACH to their Autistic children.

Patrick Merlehan was…

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Gwyneth Paltrow and GOOP still want you to put a jade egg in your vagina. It’s still a bad idea.

Paltrow and for that matter also her friend Tracy Anderson… they remain more diabolic fiends than anyone in those superhero movies.

Dr. Jen Gunter

GOOP and Gwyneth Paltrow are so into their jade eggs they are doubling down on the practice.

Who am I kidding, a new shipment of jade eggs has hatched and so GOOP is back to flogging them with a letter from an eggthusiast who was dismayed by all the negative press in January. GOOP is just coincidentally passing on this reader’s “note” now when then new eggs are available and not back in January when it was in the press and a rebuttal might have been worthwhile. Maybe I am just jaded and it just took months for GOOP to weed through their replies. The letter is from Layla Martin a sexuality coach who is certified by the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality. Which she created and founded.

She also just happens to sell jade eggs.

I feel the entire post is major shade at me, after all I was the…

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Dietitian Mum Breaking School Rules When It Comes to Food

“lunch box policing” makes my blood boil.
Parents are trying their best. Kids may have issues around food as it is, and this sort of thing will cause them issues if they don’t have them already. As someone with ARFID, as a child I often got treated like i was disobedient or difficult for not being willing to eat certain things, and didn’t understand why people had to be so controlling and couldn’t just accept “he only eats the foods that he likes, and that’s not one of them”. Now… this was the late 70s and the 80s, people didn’t really know any better back then. Now it’s 2018, there’s no excuse for this ignorance. It is tantamount to child abuse in my opinion. It makes me irate. Children should not be made to feel guilty or shamed about eating when they are hungry.


Blog Titles (2).png

Last year, my oldest son started school. I was excited and a little apprehensive about what the year held for him. Unfortunately, this excitement wore off pretty quickly.

On day 2, my son received a card in his lunch box – “We love your healthy lunch” and a newsletter stating the school rules around what can be eaten at each lunch break.

My bubble of food joy and peace burst right there and then as damage-control kicked in.

I ended up writing a letter to the school about my experiences as a parent and an APD. I offered actionable suggestions about how the school could support my child and the school children around food, eating and nutrition.

Here is the letter I wrote:

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