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The idea of this free education & exercise program was that people could come and read one article each day, and within a week or two they’d have learned enough to be able to avoid scams, reject restrictive and damaging approaches, and make a start in the right direction with a more positive outlook and a productive approach, based on following a simple but effective training program and working to adequate but not excessive fueling targets in order to improve condition and benefit from training.

THIS STUFF IS LEGIT AND IT WORKS… but it’s a representation of my level of understanding at the time of writing, quite a few years ago, and there have been significant developments since then. If you want to get up to date on The Very Latest In Weight Loss, According To Science And My Observations, then you check out the recent post on my blogspot, as well as this Bullshit Busting Masterpost On Weightloss from a while back.

First though, let me hit you real quick with the very basic facts that you’ll learn if you check out the links above and work through the content in the free program here.

  • There’s no evolutionary or biological reason why most people, generally speaking, should not be able to lose weight and maintain a lower (but not unreasonably or unhealthfuly so) weight, assuming they’re at a particularly high starting weight to begin with, provided they are given and actually following an appropriate approach. However…
  • Diet culture messes us up psychologically, dieting behaviour messes us up metabolically, and most people who go on and off diets only end up heavier and heavier. Also…
  • Fat shaming is particularly unhelpful, and weight stigma is particularly problematic.
  • People will see best results when they stop saying “but I need to lose weight first”, take the primary focus OFF weight, and instead focus on developing an interest in enjoying training while establishing consistent, sustainable habits towards an “adequate but not excessive” total energy intake, with the confidence to include a variety of enjoyable choices.
  • Low Carb approaches may be a suitable and appealing choice for some people, but by no means is low carb necessary, preferable, or should it be enforced upon those who are not enthusiastic about it. A balanced approach will work just fine.
  • Any variation upon “cleanses”, “detoxes” etc are scams and quackery, sold by con artists.
  • Any variation upon “clean eating”, “paleo” etc are sold and promoted either by well meaning people who don’t really know what they’re talking about, or by deliberate con artists.
  • If you’re seeing results in terms of fat loss, then you are in a caloric deficit. But slashing your intake further and further each time your progress stalls to “get back into deficit” is an unproductive and unsustainable approach that can only backfire. It is myopic and futile, and unfortunately it is exactly how most people instruct CI/CO or IIFYM style approaches.

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I tend to be a lot more active on my facebook page, and to a lesser extent instagram, and I update my blogspot once in a while too when I have something on my mind that I need to express which hopefully might be helpful. These days I mostly use this blog to share anything of pro-science, bullshit busting, anti-charlatanry nature that I happen to come across from a well regarded and qualified source.