Weight Loss Program Introduction and Contents

First off let me reiterate. This is a genuinely FREE program and it is all about being HAPPY and HEALTHY. It’s free, but don’t be confused; this is valuable information and if you take action on it you WILL achieve your goal weight.

Now. If you’re looking for some sort of “magical” type solution, you might be disappointed. I know, there’s all sorts of sites on the internet saying “just take this pill / combine these 5 foods / avoid these 5 foods / buy this product” etc etc, and that’s all you have to do to lose weight, right? Well, unfortunately that stuff is all BULLSHIT.

OK, some of these “solutions” may be slightly advantageous assuming you are already following a good exercise and nutrition program… but on their own? Not really worth a pinch of shit.

As for What Is Actually Required To Lose Weight, well that’s page one of the program. Go read that now.


Part One: Nutrition Planning

  1. What Is Actually Required To Lose Weight.
  2. Believe It, You Are Going To Lose Weight.
  3. Know Your Goal, Determining Your Ideal Weight.
  4. IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) Strategy vs Conventional Diets.
  5. So, Does Bread Really Make You Fat?
  6. Sample IIFYM Meal Plan.

Part Two: Exercise Program

  1. What is better for weight loss, weights or cardio?
  2. Training Program Day 1: Pushing Routine.
  3. Training Program Day 2: Pulling Routine.
  4. Training Program Day 3: Interval and Core Training.
  5. Program Recap & Review.

Each entry will also contain links to related articles I’ve already published elsewhere, and if you read one each day you are going to end up with a very comprehensive understanding and be supremely confident of your ability to ensure success in long term weight management and in building a physique you are going to want to show off next summer.

Once you’ve gotten started and realise that this free program is the best thing that ever happened to you, you might like to consider a donation to the Lose Weight No Bullshit Appreciation Fund via any of the options available when you click that link.

Since finishing the program above, I’ve kept posting more stuff on the blog that answer a lot of the questions I’m frequently asked, but maybe those entries aren’t so easy to find in amongst all the scam busting and other posts. So, I just decided to index all the important extra stuff and call that Part Three.

Part 3: Even More.

  1. How to adapt and progress the free excercise program.
  2. DHPT At Home Training Program
  3. Do Less, Eat More, Lose Weight.
  4. FAQ aka This Is What It Takes.
  5. More about the Body Mass Index, and your Body Fat Percentage Score.

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