Happy New Year 2018

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Better late than never, right?

A little update: I’ve retired my formerly official business website, and as of now my blogspot is the official DHPT Sports Nutrition & Weight Management website & blog.

Therefore I’ve imported a bunch of my old entries from the other blog and added them to the blog here. And I’m in the process of reviewing them and making sure they all make sense and have no broken links or missing images or any other problems.

For those interested in Online IIFYM & Flexible Dieting Coaching the best place to learn more is still via the Flexible Fueling website. Really there’s a lot of people offering this service online now, but you only have to look at most of their social media feeds to see that they’re still just suggesting “eat less and less and less, no one has ever not been eating too much or needed to eat more”. Your boy is still the Originator & the Innovator when it comes to this stuff, and very few have even caught up to where I was when I wrote the free program on this site, much less to where I am at now.

You should follow my Flexible Fueling page on google+ to be sure that you never miss an update here or on blogspot.




Life is for living!

Don’t you think people would be a lot happier if they just made the effort to get up, get out and do something?

It be hard to organise things, work out the travel plans and logistics and hope nothing unexpected happens that derails the plan… but you’ve gotta TRY, don’t you think?

Well that was one of my resolutions for this year, get out and do more stuff. I got in early with my trip to Wilson’s Promontory and already posted some photos of me climbing the mountains there already. Mountaineering and bushwalking is one thing but you might think I’d be too old for climbing trees, right? Well, you’d be wrong because that’s exactly what me and the boys and girls went and did yesterday at the Trees Obstacle Course in Belgrave.

Absolutely great fun day and quite a good work out as well! As a few of us kept saying throughout the day; “THIS IS LIVING”.

We’re going back next month, and we’ve got plans for more rock climbing, maybe some para sailing and who knows what else in the months ahead. There’s talk of skydiving as well but I’m not sure I have the intestinal fortitude for that one! As my dad always says “why jump out of a plane, if you don’t have to?”

Anyway gang. You only get one life, so get stuck into it! Train hard, be healthy, get outside and go on some adventures.