Just a little shout out to the industry peeps who’ve finally become aware of my site.

I wouldn’t have made this site if I cared about fitting in with industry types. Quite the opposite. The only opinions I care about are the ones from the people who write in saying I’ve given them hope for the first time, I’ve helped them recover from their eating disorder, I’ve helped them lose weight, or I’ve helped them to love themselves and be happy for the first time.

All of this happened partially because I wanted to address all the harmful misinformation and spam going around tumblr, but also because of all the criticism I got from industry people for not jumping on their overly restrictive, hypochondriac, orthorexic fad diets about a year and a half ago. Now… it’s amusing how much some of the same people have come around to my way of thinking, and yet they still criticise me because I won’t play nice and do everything the same as everyone else.



Paypal are a bunch of crooks

I’ll be switching all payments for online coaching etc over to Paymate.

I know… it’s a pain in the arse to sign up for another payment system but paypal have stolen all the money people sent to me for programs last week and are refusing to let me withdraw it OR refund it to the people who sent it.

One email on Thursday, two support requests through the website on Friday and Sunday and one IRATE phone call just now (Tuesday) and still all anyone can tell me is “we are still investigating”.

Apparently they are known for doing this quite often. Just locking people’s accounts and stealing their money.

Update: eventually paypal very generously granted me access to my money but I am still done with them. The whole thing was ridiculous and unacceptable. Apparently they do this quite often and people have been robbed of thousands upon thousands of dollars.