Fruit, the forbidden food?

You guys already know how I feel about the insane notion that fruit isn’t “healthy enough” for people to enjoy regularly, right?

The Dietitian's Pantry

I never thought the day would come when people were scared and worried about eating fruit. And I’m not talking about the scare we had last year when certain frozen berries were contaminated with hepatitis A!!! I’m talking about people being worried that fruit is unhealthy, that fruit will cause weight gain, diabetes and be harmful to the liver. Fruit, the wonderful gift from nature, full of health promoting properties like vitamins, minerals, fibre, antioxidants and phytochemicals are being lumped in the ‘high sugar must avoid’ category along with soft drinks, sweets and sugar filled processed foods. Fruit is being likened to chocolate bars and it breaks my heart that it has come to this. It amazes me that while 30% of calories from the average Australian diet comes from discretionary foods people are concerned about eating fruit!

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Blog at first bite

Follow this one. 🙂


Hi there & welcome to my new blog nutritionmuch!

I love chatting health, nutrition, wellbeing and science a bunch

I LOVE FOOD that’s colourful, funky fresh, FABULOUS, and has a flavour punch

Together we are going have fun, laugh & learn lots – I’ve seriously got a good hunch

By now you’ve guessed, I love good rhyme

But that’s how my love of communications started way back in thyme*

Nutrition really isn’t as fun, without a good pun*

P.S, my favourite vitamin is the one that comes from the sun!

I’m really here to put my heart & soul into inspiring you with MANY WAYS of healthy eating

I don’t believe in fads, “the food police”, depriving yourself of foods you love or “cheating”

I’m all in for the occasional chocolate or ice-cream treating

Even if you think those kilos are sneakily creeping, no need to give yourself a beating!


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Healthy eating, why are we so confused?

Serving up some sense over here…

The Dietitian's Pantry

If you asked a random sample of people what healthy eating was I’m sure you would get varying and often contradicting answers:

‘It means eating a gluten free diet’

‘Eating high fat and low carb foods’

‘Consuming plenty of plant based foods such as wholegrains, beans, lentils as well as fruits and vegetables’.

‘Eating paleo style with organic meats, natural oils and fats but no grains, beans or dairy’.

‘Low fat diets with lots of fruits and vegetables’

So who’s right and who’s wrong?

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Why the Food Babe is wrong (it’s not just because she’s ignorant)

And finally, the most telling red flag is that when it comes to assessing the validity of facts, Food Babe’s filter is not “Is this true?” but instead “Does this promote my brand?”

Violent metaphors

You knew I had to talk about Food Babe this week.

My not-so-secret goal with this blog is to improve public science literacy and to help people become more critical consumers of information. As a consumer activist and critic with enormous influence, one might hope that Food Babe’s goals are similar to mine.  But I’m afraid I have to give her methods a big red F, and for distressing reasons. Before I get into that, however, I want to give readers who aren’t familiar with Food Babe some background.

Like the decision to vaccinate, the choices we make about food have significant consequences to our health.  It’s easy to find advice on how to structure our diet–there is an overwhelming volume of admonitions to eat more protein!, only organic!, less fat!, more fat!, plant-based!, paleo!, non-GMO!, raw!, Mediterranean!, gluten-free! with dire warnings about what will happen if we fail to…

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Food Babe Slams Kraft Over Three Dyes but Sells Same

Food babe at it again with the dishonesty and double standards.

Bad Science Debunked

Despite a very vocal campaign against Kraft over the use of the dyes Blue #1, Yellow #5, and Yellow #6 in their products,1,2 Vani Hari (the “Food Babe”) sells items containing a form of these same dyes via her shopping page, and has apparently been doing so since December, 2013.

The items sold by Kraft are food products, while those sold by Hari are cosmetics intended for use on the lips.

The only difference in the dyes is the addition of a metallic salt in the cosmetics to prevent the dyes from becoming water soluble.  Unfortunately for Hari, the metal in question is aluminum, which she falsely links to Alzheimer’s disease and breast cancer.3,14  It must be pointed out that experts in food/product safety strongly disagree with Hari over her claims about the dyes in question–and the aluminum.

Not only did Food Babe miss the presence of…

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5 things low-carb gurus don’t want you to know


I hate these lists: 5 foods you should never eat, 8 foods for a flat belly, and one I saw last week “10 Things Dietitians Say About Low-Carb Diets That Don’t Make Sense“. I should confess that as a dietitian, the headline alone immediately got my back up. Still, I took the bait and clicked the link.

Some of the stuff on there was quite reasonable, and some of it inaccurately portrayed dietitians and nutrition. It drives me nuts that we study nutrition for 4+ years in university, do internships, and must demonstrate continuous learning to maintain our professional status as registered dietitians, and yet those from other professions (and non-professions) are constantly proclaiming to the world that we’re nutritionally biased ignoramuses. Okay, so I didn’t exactly read this list with an open mind. No apologies.

Here are my top 5 retorts to this post and others in…

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The Church of Conscious Living – another Stephanie Messenger Anti-vaccine Enterprise

these fucking people, man.


Stephanie Messenger is in the business of anti-vaccinationism. She’s an old hand.

Messenger is one of the founders of the Queensland anti-vaccination group, the Vaccination Awareness and Information Service. She ran the group with anti-vaccine stalwart Susan Lindberg and Roxanne Iwinski, the latter leaving later to gain a conscience. Messenger and Lindberg even wrote an anti-vaccine manual with Meryl Dorey, called Vaccination Roulette, which was published by the hideous anti-vaccine pressure group, the Australian Vaccination Network. Messenger’s husband, Leslie Bailey – remember that name – is the business name holder for Vaccination Awareness and Information Service.

Healthy Lifestyles Naturally is another business run by Messenger which seems to be a portal into which the pouring of money is partaken: other people’s money. HLN is the business entity to whom marks part themselves from their cash to pay for such things as the recent series of seminars which are no longer…

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