The Muscle and Strength Nutritional Pyramid

This site is about the distribution of good, correct and helpful information just as much as it is about the destruction of scams and correction of disinformation and broscience out there on the internet and the real world.

With that in mind, here’s part one of a great series of videos from Team3DMJ.

Highly recommended.

You can see right ahead from the still shot, the order of importance and where you want to pay the closest attention when setting up a meal plan or nutrition plan to suit any body composition (including weight loss) goal is as follows:

  1. Total Calories.
  2. Macronutritient ratios and fibre intake.
  3. Micronutritient (vitamins, minerals) intake, and water.
  4. Nutrient Timing And Frequency.
  5. Supplements.

That’s a lot like what I taught you all in my free program on here, and about the opposite of what most people are taught anywhere else.

How Liver Detox Diets Help You Lose Weight Quickly

Here’s a great video about Liver Cleansing Diets and other detox products, how they work and what they do.

I’ve been calling out a lot of people on their incorrect or misleading information, bad advice, deceptive and unethical marketing, shonky scam products and so on. I don’t want people to start thinking I’m “that guy” though, acting like I’m the only honest person who knows what he’s talking about… the problem is though that the dodgy people seem to be ones everyone knows about, and the legit people are not so prolific. Probably because they don’t use those unethical marketing techniques!

So anyway, I’ll be trying to recommend as much good stuff from good people as I possibly can and this guy Brian from Skeptoid Media has a lot of great stuff busting those oft repeated nutrition myths. So, study up and support him in spreading the truth!

Here’s his video about Good and Bad Foods that happens to tie in nicely with my approach to nutrition. As he says, ANY food can be a part of a healthy diet, or an unhealthy diet. Here’s another one you should read if you’re not sure about going gluten free to lose weight.

Plenty more great and interesting stuff on his youtube channel so check it out and show your support!

Bend & Extend At The Hips Exercises

My programs are always “movement based” which means pushing, pulling, bending & extending at the knees, and bending and extending at the hips. Also referred to as “hip hinge” exercises in the biz.

Today I want to go through some options for bend and extend at the hips exercises, and in the spirit of my “more great free stuff” category I’ll show you some great instructional videos I’ve been studying up on. Because… I’m pretty damn good but there’s always more to learn, and always someone you can learn from. So if I think someone else can explain or demonstrate better than I can  myself, I’m gonna show you their video and give credit where it is due.

In my free introduction to resistance training here on the website I include a simple body weight hip thrust on second day aka the Pull Day. This is a really useful exercise to reintroduce the natural movement of bending safely from the hips, rather than dangerously bending at the waist through spinal flexion. You’ll be surprised at just how much you will feel this one in the butt and hamstrings, especially when you progress to a single legged version. A weighted version of this exercise is considered just about unbeatable (up there with squats and lunges) for building a nice, firm, round arse.

I quite like the Life Fitness Back Extension Machine as well, so here’s an instructional video on how to use that one.

Now when we’re talking about hip hinging it almost goes without saying that deadlifts are the king of exercises. They’re possibly the king of all exercises in general but especially in this context. The thing with deadlifts is that good technique is absolutely crucial. We absolutely must maintain good spinal posture and lift by extending at the hips.

Here’s a great video on how to deadlift properly and safely.

Next up is a Reverse Hyper Extension, and this is a new one to me that a friend recommended I look into. Here’s a great video explaining what they are and why they’re good for you.

Those machines don’t seem to be very common though, so here’s how to do a bodyweight variation with a piece of equipment you are more likely to find at your gym.

These look great / kind of horrible to me, so I will be incorporating them into my Power, Precision & Pump routine starting from today!

IIFYM vs Clean Eating

I just had to share this great video from Layne Norton, one of the most respected names in  nutrition (as far as I am concerned anyway) just talking a whole heap of common sense regarding the “clean eating” vs IIFYM argument.

As a side note I actually had to quit a networking group I was a part of earlier this week, due to the amount of what I would call orthorexic trainers on there pushing excessively restrictive diets on to their clients, and trying to tell me that there’s no way for a human being to control their weight if they eat anything that’s not on their magical list of “clean foods”. And of course, the stuff not on the list is normal every day stuff that my own plan is built on… and I can control my weight down to the last kilogram (and look reasonably good for an old man) with no trouble at all due to hitting my macros more often than not.

I wish I hadn’t left the group now, so I could share this video and see if it enlightens anyone. Trainers pushing the idea that certain foods are “bad” as if a single bite will bring all of your hard work undone in an instant is every bit as bad as recommending starvation level intake, in my opinion. As it says in the video, this fosters an unhealthy relationship with food and leads to binge eating disorders.

Anyway just watch the video. He says it all much better than I could.

For more about IIFYM, there’s a great article (if I do say so myself) over on my blogspot, all about why IIFYM is the common sense approach to weight loss. More people need to  know about my blogspot, there is some great stuff there.

Recommended viewing: Muscle TV

Max’s Muscle TV is an awesome Australian TV show that’s also available on youtube, and features some of the country’s best body builders, fitness and figure models demonstrating exercises and entire programs.

Even if you’re goals are just to be in regular awesome shape, rather than body building shape, I strongly recommend that you take a good look at this show and get an idea of what training with weights is supposed to look like.

Something I talk about a lot is that when training with weights, you should actually need to take that minute or two break in between sets. Especially on “power” movements as I call them in my program, where we are performing heavy, compound exercises. A lot of people just count through 10 (or however many) easy reps and really short change themselves of the results they should be getting. If the target is 10 reps, that means choose the heaviest amount of weight you can manage for 10 reps, and squeeze every ounce of energy out of the targeted muscle groups.

You’ll see a variety of approaches in this series but even when the athletes are just plodding through the routine as I like to do, you will see how hard you should be working and how exhausted you should be in between sets.

Also, a lot of this footage is shot at Doherty’s Gym (the best gym in the world!) where I train and work with my clients, so you might just spot me in the background of a few scenes!

Remember: regardless of your goal body type or physique, the principles of training are the same. If you don’t want to be muscle bound monster like some of the athletes in the videos, don’t worry. It takes a tremendous amount of food to get to those sorts of proportions. Training with a similar approach but with a nutrition plan to support a normal weight for your height is going to get you that lean, athletic and attractive body type I assume you are here for.

Check it all out at the  Muscle TV website.

Life Transformation Coaching Videos

Gang, here is something extra special for you all. I want to make this site the greatest possible resource for truly useful FREE education and coaching that is going to help people to create the life that they truly want and deserve.

So with that in mind I have permission to share with you these great videos from Mel Houghton of Total Transformation Training. Mel has a sporting background having represented Australia in swimming, she has coached Olympic athletes, and I believe she is one of the best human beings you are ever likely to meet, who really cares about helping people and is so passionate about it.

Grab a pen and paper and do one of these exercises per day to get clear on exactly what it is you want to achieve in life, why, and how you can go about it. As far as the technical details of weight loss and fitness, everything you need to know is already available here on my site… that’s what I’m good at! If you’re finding that even with all this information there is some emotional or subconscious issue that’s holding you back from actually getting started and doing what you know is required… Mel is your girl.

Enough of my chatter… watch these videos, they will help you.

Here are the links to the other videos, make sure you do one every day!

Transformation Coaching: Video 1
Transformation Coaching: Video 2
Transformation Coaching: Video 3