You are going to lose weight. Believe it.

Before we even get into the hows and whys of the program, I have to repeat what I’ve already said in the program introduction; you absolutely WILL lose weight on this program. And not just “lose weight” either, you will achieve your goal weight (I’ll tell you what that is in the next section, it’s probably less than you’re thinking, too) and not put the weight back on again like with most diets.

I need you to believe this, so I’m going to keep saying it until you do!

I’m gonna explain it to you so that you have a reason to believe in just a moment, but first let’s look at some of the reasons why people (other people, not you) might not actually believe that they are able to lose weight.

I’ve tried before, and never been successful.

That’s a common one and quite understandable. Often people get quite indignant telling me how many times they’ve tried, how hard they tried, how dreadfully unpleasant it was and how miserable they made themselves. If that’s what you’re thinking right now, you’re going to have to get used to me being blunt and not pulling any punches, but here’s the thing: YOU. AINT. TRIED. THE. RIGHT. STUFF.

Understand this; “it was horrible and I tried so hard” doesn’t mean “if anything was going to work, this would have”. It’s either the right approach, or it isn’t. Here’s an analogy for you – what’s harder? Driving a nail into a piece of timber by banging it with a hammer, or driving a nail into a piece of timber by banging it with a screwdriver? Would you expect the harder option to produce a better result? I hope you like analogies because you’re gonna be getting a lot of ’em.

So… if you have tried a lot of stuff already and not been successful, don’t be too hard on yourself, it isn’t your fault. Which brings me to my next point.

The weight loss / diet industry does not actually want you to lose weight.

There, I said it. Controversial, no? Think about it though… those stupid meal replacement products and shakes and whatever else. If they solved your problems, they’d go broke, right? I mean… they may produce a temporary result where you lose 5 or 10kg (mostly just water weight), and then you put all the weight back on, plus a few extra kilos when you come off the stupid diet. So you end up in a vicious cycle thinking “this diet is the only way I have ever lost weight, I’ll go back on it again” when in reality it is only making you heavier and poorer.

I’ve done a few videos and published a few articles already about how I’m at war with all these scam artists pushing unhealthy and ineffective weight loss programs. They just want your money. If they actually got you to your goal weight and goal body type, you wouldn’t need the product any more and they’d stop getting their grubby little paws on your hard earned cash! Ahhh it makes me so angry sometimes!

Well stuff ’em all! I’ll tell you what to do FOR FREE and you’ll actually get real results and feel like a new wo/man. That’ll show ’em!

While we’re on the subject, have a read of this article about How The Weight Loss Industry Encourages Eating Disorders While Keeping You Fat that I posted on my business site a while back. There’s a video of me swearing like a mad man as well which people seem to like.

People trying to be “kind”.

I think this is a big problem for a lot of people who’d like to lose weight but aren’t confident of their ability to do so. The issue is with well meaning people telling you “don’t be silly, you’re fine how you are. It’s just the way god made you” or whatever. Don’t get me wrong, I get it that people are trying to be kind and reassuring… other than the passive aggressive types who want to hold you back because they don’t want to face up to their own issues… but is it really helpful? As far as I’m concerned, if someone is telling you that they think they’d be happier, healthier, more confident (or whatever else) if they made some positive changes in their life, you are supposed to encourage them god dammit. Tell them “you should do it! I believe in you! Maybe I can help?” not “oh don’t bother”. Geez. How is it even possible that I have to point this out?

Anyway maybe you can relate to one or more of these issues and it may mean that you have some doubts. Let’s move on though and I’ll going to tell you why you SHOULD believe that you can lose weight.

People Are Not Supposed To Be Fat.

Unpopular and politically incorrect opinion, am I right?
Well… actually let me mitigate that a little. I’m not saying that like it is an excuse to be horrible to people or anything like that; so what if someone’s fat… mind your own business you’re not perfect either, right?

“Supposed to” is the thing though. There’s no such thing as “supposed to”. There are no forgone conclusions with this stuff.

But here’s the deal. EVOLUTION. Actually I’m going to do this in point form to really spell it with elegant simplicity.

  1. Human beings have been around for hundreds of thousands of years.
  2. Natural evolution dictates that a species becomes MORE fit for survival, not LESS so. This is in evidence when new world records are set every few years in athletic sports. As a species, we’re supposed to get faster and stronger, as well as smarter.
  3. Over the past 30 years or so people have started getting fatter. Not only are there more overweight people than ever before, many are overweight or obese to a degree never before seen in human history. All within around 30 years, which is barely the blink of an eye in the big picture of human evolution. But suddenly people are becoming LESS fit for survival? Less mobile, less able to move around?
    It makes absolutely no sense, other than happening to coincide with drastic changes in lifestyle and eating habits.

Have I made my point? You are NOT supposed to be fat! The goal weight range we are going to set in the next entry IS the weight you were designed by nature, god, or (my personal favourite) the ancient aliens to be. I know, we’re supposed be nice people and say “people are supposed to come in all shapes and sizes”, but that isn’t correct. People ARE supposed to come in different sizes, but not ALL different sizes. There are some sizes that no human being is supposed to be.

So. We have established that being overweight or obese is not your natural state, and is caused by modern lifestyle and eating habits that have taken us out of accord with nature. Once we (a) determine our natural weight range relative to our age, height and gender, (b) determine appropriate eating habits to support this weight range, and (c) start a training program to make up for our inactive modern lifestyles… I ask you, what else could possibly happen?

Answer: you are going to end up at within a suitable goal weight range. It is inevitable.

Remember this: YOU are the embodiment of hundreds of thousands of years of successful evolution. The ability to succeed is hard wired into your DNA, genes and mitochondria, and your goal is your natural state.

How could you possibly have any doubts at this point?

Further reading: How your beliefs will influence your choice of weight loss program.

One thought on “You are going to lose weight. Believe it.”

  1. Great post! There are SO many articles and comments written by people, including dietitians and researchers, who will quote depressing figures such as ‘only about 5% of people who lose weight keep it off’. I believe that attitude casts a negative cloud over the whole process leaving feelings of hopelessness. So people understandably think they may as well just give up before they even start. However, I read that oft-quoted 5% is actually a ‘per occasion’ statistic and the ‘over a lifetime’ statistic is much higher (about 36% from memory), albeit some of those do not actually healthy weight range. Good on you for the positivity of this post and a reminder to people to never ever give up.

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