Free Online Weight Loss ProgramHello everyone. Just a little post about me and my intentions for this blog.

My name is Dave and I’m a qualified Personal Trainer from Melbourne, Australia with a previous career background in Security, Property Management, and Information Technology before that. I consider myself a weight loss and body composition specialist, and I’ve worked from a variety of locations including doing Online Personal Training and getting great results for anyone who’ll listen and take action as I tell ’em to.

If you want to know a bit more about where I’m coming from, you can go read my story on the blog here.

Intentions for this blog.

I have a slew of articles scattered around the web, including on my business site and other places. I’ve also got… god, I don’t even know how much other stuff written up that I haven’t done anything with yet. I like writing!

So on this blog, I’m going to get everything organised into a program people can follow and learn how to get great results in weight loss, body sculpting, “toning’ (industry types hate that word!) or whatever goal they have.

It’s going to be quality information, easy to understand, easy to put into practice, and most importantly it’s going to be stuff that actually produces the required result.

What’s in it for me?

Pretty simple, really.

For one it’s going to be nice to finally do something with all my half finished work! And I’ll be able to showcase my writing, and of course I’ll be including links to some of my already published articles and asking you go read and rate them for me in return for everything I’m giving you for free.

Positive, healthy approach with no scams or bullshit.

What you’ll come to realise if you follow this blog is that I am a straight shooter and a no nonsense type of guy. Also I have no tolerance for all the scam artists out there pushing bogus weight loss products and I’ve already written a lot of articles about how I feel about these aspects of the diet and weight loss industries. I’m at war with these scumbags so I’m happy to give people the REAL solution for free if it stops them from getting ripped off by these … people.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned I’m going to try get this together as quickly as I can!


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