Another awesome DHPT Flexible Fueling Online testimonial

Thanks to Simone for the kind (and true!) words about my program.

Simone FF1Dave is an exceptional trainer that sets himself apart by giving frank, no-bullshit advice.

Since I was in my early 20s, I have trained various martial arts (including Muay Thai), I have been a committed runner and general vegetarian health enthusiast. I maintained a good overall health and fitness and always thought I had done ok on my own.

Simone FF2 I signed up to Dave’s program after starting my PhD in March 2015. I wanted to learn something new and have more flexibility in my training, particularly in trying to balance training with the demands of academia.

Within a month, I started noticing HUGE changes. I dropped 5 cm around my waist and I developed well defined arms and thighs. I finally learned what exercises complimented my body shape and type and how I could be fitter, stronger and faster. Now, I’m working towards my goals with a clearer direction and purpose.

The simple fact is that Dave’s no-nonsense approach works. I now know that getting lean and strong is easy when you follow the simple formulas and cut out the industry-led marketing crap.

You can see a bunch more great reviews from happy people on my facebook page.

New Team DaveHPT Online Coaching Testimonial

One of the absolute STARS of my Flexible Dieting & Online Coaching system over the past few months, pro musician Dean “The Beast” Gaudoin tells you all about the program.

And the results you can see for yourself!

Four Week Progression on DaveHPT Flexible Dieting

DaveHPT Flexible Dieting 4 Week TransformationThis is a FOUR WEEK TRANSFORMATION from already lean and athletic to amazing. How do you think I did this? Ban carbs? Paleo diet? Create a greater calorific deficit? Clean eating perhaps?


This is the correct way to bust a plateau in an already fit and active human being. By providing more of the resources necessary to thrive and reap the benefits of exercise. Week one shows the client on 2000 calories per day. Now, what would about 98% of fkn idiots out there calling themselves trainers or coaches do in this situation? Slash calories to 1500 per day maybe? Or lower?

Screw that. Fortunately as I am a genius of unparalleled intellect and understanding, I proscribe the following: hard minimum of 2200 calories per day, with no maximum limit.

Week 4 shows the client on over 2500 calories per day.

IF YOU WANT RESULTS FROM TRAINING YOU MUST, MUST, MUST PROVIDE THE NECESSARY RESOURCES. I am so sick of fkn morons out there ruining people’s physical and mental health with starvation diets and restricting food choices as if your body doesn’t fuel, or you “earn” results by proving how determined you are by going without things you enjoy and forcing yourself to eat stuff you don’t like.

If you train productively and hit appropriate nutritional targets with suitable quantities of whatever foods you like to eat, you will see results. You will NOT see these results by depriving your body of the energy and other resources it requires.

Now. I start my next season of online coaching this weekend the 1st of March. If you’re ready to get serious and take the appropriate action to realise your dreams in terms of training for your goal body type, stop fucking around with destructive, disordered garbage invented by unscrupulous marketers and pushed by clueless imbeciles.

DaveHPT Custom Flexible Dieting Guidelines: Testimonial

Here’s a nice video testimonial from a great supporter and customer of mine, who was smart enough to follow the Custom Flexible Dieting Guidelines I produced for her a while back.

As you can hear for yourself, the benefits of Flexible Dieting, and in particular MY approach to Flexible Dieting are many and varied. The benefits of being aware of and focussed upon exceeding your minimum requirements, rather than on restricting to some arbitrary “very low calorie” target should almost go without saying. Let’s run through some of them in random order all the same:

  • You’re actually fuelling your body properly, enabling good health and great results from training.
  • You quickly learn to build your own plan, consisting of more of the foods you like to eat, including some purely for enjoyment.
  • As you learn the macronutrional value of different foods and train your appetite to be more in tune with your requirements, you will be far less likely to over or under fuel when eating intuitively.
  • Understanding just how much fuel their bodies will utilise to fuel, recover from and adapt to training, and with no restrictions on what food choices are included in meeting those requirements, my clients soon feel like they are just “eating whatever they want”, and still seeing better results than ever before.

Online Coaching Success Story

This is GREAT, I only just realised I can embed posts from facebook into the page.

Just another of many MANY happy DHPT Online Empowerment Coaching clients, and if you click through to the post on facebook you’ll see comments from even more people just as happy and just as successful.

Now over 100,000 served.

Now THAT’s a milestone, and the momentum is still building.

Speaking of momentum, there’s a new post over on my Brunswick Personal Training site about how to build momentum to ensure that you stay motivated to train. If you think about it, how could you lose motivation when you’re making better and better progress towards your goal all of the time? As long as you have the right strategy and a goal that means something to you, you won’t lose motivation.

Back to this site though, and we’re hitting some huge numbers of people not just finding their way here by accident and then going off on their way again, we’re getting huge numbers of people sticking around to study up. We’re getting huge numbers of people putting that knowledge into action, and making progress towards their goal without the stress that usually goes along with “dieting”.

I know this is true, because so many people write in to tell me how well they are doing. Here’s just one example.Image

There are many more, similar messages already posted on my testimonials page, all telling the same story. This is a simple truth; different people are starting out from a different place, physically and mentally. Some have further to go than others, but if you adopt the correct strategy, be as consistent as you can and also have some patience, you will get where you want to go.

Where ever you are at right now, whatever you’ve been lead to believe in the past about who you’re supposed to be, how you need to eat, how you need to exercise, there is no reason why you can’t act on the information in my free program and be free of whatever false beliefs have been holding your back.  Like I said in my article about Empowered Dieting recently, there is absolutely no reason to doubt that this approach will work for you, just like it has worked for all of these other nice people.

Get started. You have got what it takes.

Before and after 12 weeks of DHPT Online Coaching

Miranda BeforeDHPT Online Coaching

Big shout out to Dave

for always answering my questions, despite how stupid some of them might be. And for giving me awesome workouts, of course.

You’re gold, man.

YES, as a matter of fact it IS the same lady in both pictures. 

We got a lot of speculation and accusations when we posted Lexxa’s transformation photos recently, and so I expect more of the same this time. Well… I’d be pretty fkn STUPID to fake this stuff using photos of women who run blogs with thousands of followers each, right? I’d get caught out just as quickly I as I keep catching fuckers out for stealing the same pictures.

So YES you might see the same pictures on this site as you’ve seen on other sites, or facebook etc promoting a dozen other stupid diet products or programs. The difference is, they’re actually MY clients, following MY programs, and you can go ask ’em about it and they’ll tell you first hand.

Why though? Like I said on facebook yesterday, I’ve become successful because I speak the truth, common sense and logic, and that attracts smart people. It attracts intelligent, educated people who are looking for just the real thing and not a bunch of soft options or easy answers. These ladies had already made great progress on their transformation, they have the sense to know that restrictive, extreme approaches are not the answer… and by good fortune we’ve found each other at a time when they’re ready for a little fine tuning on the nutrition side, and a more structured approach on the exercise side, to take things the next step.

And the results speak for themselves as you can see.

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