Online Coaching

rachel hThis site has “no bullshit” in the title for a reason, so if you think you might be interested in signing on for Online Coaching with me, read on and consider this carefully.

Despite owning this site, for the past couple of years I’ve had “weight loss” removed from my social media profiles as a service that I offer, and I’ve actively discouraged people from contacting me to enquire regardling weight loss programs.

Why though?

It’s real simple. Like I’ve talked about in the introductory pages on this site, I find that people (of any size / starting weight) get the best results when they take the focus OFF the weight per se, and instead focus on consistent attendance, enjoying training, enjoying learning an effective training strategy, and building the confidence to include and enjoy a variety of foods within the context of appropriate daily & weekly eating habits that are neither restrictive nor excessive. I’ve found that my clients who are happy to finally be able to do something that’s not all about their weight and to not be “on a diet” in the conventional sense always produce the best, lasting results and are all the better off for it.

Conversely I have found that the more focused upon weight, the poorer the adherence to my instructions and the poorer the outcomes in general, as the weight loss focused client will tend to persist in dieting related behaviours such as restricting intake below the targets that I specify, or excessive levels of calorie burning exercise rather than the training routines that I provide.

Therefore I got frustrated with it and decided I would only coach people who specifically want to reject and get away from such approaches which have gotten them nowhere in the past, and to learn and follow my strategies instead. And “no weight loss” was the easiest way to enforce that.


I can give you a program which WILL see you lose weight in a sustainable manner, without extremes of any sort, IF you actually work to the program that I give you and don’t mess with it in the usual ways that we’re all conditioned to believe would be “better” to lose more weight, more quickly.

How the program is most likely to look:

  • Four resistance training routines per week.
  • Two “other” exercise or activity days per week.
  • One rest / active recovery day per week.
  • Plan in advance to meet each day’s intake targets with the choices of foods & on the schedule that best suits you.
  • Report in to me 3x per week to confirm your enthusiasm and adherence, or to let me know what you need some help with.

One of two things will happen:

  1. Ideally, as soon as we establish some consistency of attendance at training, and some consistency of not-inappropriate eating habits resulting in not-inappropriate caloric intake, weight should start coming off. We will anticipate that at some point (hopefully later rather than sooner) progress will stall and we shall revise the approach accordingly, rather than returning to destructive slash & burn measures in panic and desperation.
  2. Depending on your dieting history, we may find that we need to work through a process of hitting varying intake targets before we achieve the right balance where body is adequately fueled to benefit from training without feeling a need to conserve energy stores. This will NOT mean that we keep slashing intake lower and lower in panic and desperation.

What’s the cost?

I change the package from time to time as I see fit but usually it works out to around 10 bucks a day. For all of the info head on over to my Flexible Fueling site and fill out the little survey for free access to the VIP area.