What boxing training with a Personal Trainer should look like!

Here’s a video I dug up on my old computer from a couple of years ago. It’s of me and my friend Daniel going through some boxing drills at Doherty’s Gym where we both work as Personal Trainers.

Boxing drills are such an excellent form of cardio training! In fact, boxing is about the only form of cardiovascular training that I enjoy. Without it… I’d probably have to start jogging again or something. Ugh! No offence to anyone who enjoys jogging, of course, but I personally find it a bit of a drag and lose motivation really quickly. Boxing though? Great fun, lets do some right now!

In Personal Training Sessions we’re really only using boxing as a way to get our heart rate up and burn lots of calories, but it’s still important to work on good technique, hard punches and really getting our weight and breath behind every movement. Even though we’re not training for self defence or to get into the ring competitively, you will get a much greater workout by learning good technique and really loading up the punches.

Video demonstration: overhead dumbbell lateral raise

Some friends asked me for a video demonstration of this great exercise for shoulders. As I explain in the video, side lateral raises are usually done with arms raised to about parallel to the floor to maintain tension on the middle deltoid, but in this version my aim is to target the rear deltoid and trapezius muscles so extend overhead with a full range of motion.