Keto Fit Premium Celebrity Endorsements

I don’t update this blog as much as I probably should but WAAAAAY back in the day I started it because it seemed like all the people marketing weight loss, diets, diet pills and so forth were lying sociopaths and it pissed me off, and I decided to try do something about it.

However many years later it seems like the only thing that’s changed is that now the word “Keto” is attached to more of these scams than it was back then.

For example, KetoFitPremium.

Are they lying scam artists and sociopaths though? Well… you be the judge.

keto fit premium

Here’s the link to the original tweet.

If you want to succeed where others have failed…

I shot a video blog in the gym but there was a bit of background noise from the radio and so on so here’s the text version to go along with it.

If you wanted to succeed where others have failed, what would you do? Should you do the same as everyone else, or something different? Do what hasn’t worked out for anyone, or do the opposite?

When it comes to dieting for weight loss, we know the statistics say that 95% of the time diets fail to result in long term, sustained weight loss. Worse than this, the reality of dieting in the conventional sense is that not only do people regain the weight they have lost, but they continue to gain weight and end up more over weight than they were in the first place.

Those are the stats and I might dig up the studies and add links later but really, you know this is true already. It’s a common story from people who’ve done whatever diet and “it was good, I lost 10kg. But then when I stopped I put on 15kg”.

Why this happens is pretty simple. All diets that result in weight loss do so by restricting energy intake. Either by using meal replacement shakes, low calorie meal plans, excluding certain foods, or whatever. The people selling them might try to tell you there is some other reason to do with the inherent goodness or badness of certain foods… but that’s bullshit. It is about energy intake.

Now the problem here is that these by definition are not sustainable approaches. You temporally reduce energy intake, and temporarily lose some weight. Then what?  You go back to your old eating habits and regain the weight. You go back to your old habits either because the diet has a duration built in, or just because you’re fed up with eating things you don’t like and missing out on the things you do like.

So, you return to your previous eating habits, your previous energy intake, and your previous weight. That’s best case scenario. Quite likely you actually over eat and go beyond your “normal” energy intake as a result of having restricted for so long. Worse still though, is that for however long you have been restricting energy intake you have actually been training your body to run on less fuel, to conserve energy, and prioritise the storage of energy within fat stores.

You gain weight, or more specifically you gain fat by habitually consuming an amount of energy that is in excess of your requirements. While dieting, you train your body to get by on less energy. Therefore when you return to your regular eating habits, they are effectively more excessive than they were previously.

I could bore you with the science on this, but do you really need it? You’ve observed this happening enough times already. You know it is what happens.

Now, this applies to people who are in training with an athletic condition goal too.

Active people have a higher energy requirement than less active people. People participating in sport, even more so. People training for a lean body condition need to provide a suitable amount of protein and energy so as to allow the body to priortise fueling the muscle at the expense of body fat.

In my observation over several years, people who are training but not seeing results are usually not over eating. If they are just training and not paying any attention to diet, maybe they are. If they are training and paying some attention to diet, especially with calorie targets or a “clean eating” approach, they are usually not eating enough to provide the energy and resources that they require to facilitate results.

So then. What happens?

Training regularly, not gaining any weight, not losing any weight, not leaning out or seeing any changes in body composition. Usually, people will start to talk about going on a cut. Cutting carbs, eating clean, whatever you call it, whatever method… it’s reducing energy intake just the same as people going “on a diet” would do. However in this case, we’re failing to see results at training due to not being adequately fueled, and we reduce even further.

This may result in some small change in condition, but it will be temporary at best as the level of dietary restriction is unsustainable. Or worse, upon failure to see further changes in condition the athlete may conclude that further restriction is called for.

This can, and frequently does spiral out of control with disastrous consequences.

Let’s cut to the chase here.

Dieting, in the conventional sense serves no purpose other than to train your body to run on less fuel and to conserve whatever it can. The very opposite of what you want you want if you have a long term weight loss goal.

In active people training with a performance or condition goal, your requirements are quite high and you will not see results in terms of improved body composition (aka more muscle, less fat) by slashing further and further below those requirements.

Rather, active people should do the exact opposite. The exact opposite of what most people do. When you want to succeed where others have failed, you do something different.

Therefore. Rather than slash intake for a temporary result, then eventually gravitating back towards your usual habits and usual (or worse) condition, maximise intake towards the uppermost, optimal amount of total energy that you could expect to utilise for performance, recovery, and positive adaptation to training.

Train the body to put more and more energy and resources into lean mass where you want them, enabling greater performance and improved condition. When you return to eating more in accordance to your appetite, you’ll still be at a suitable amount, but less than your body has gotten used to.

Where do you think it is likely to draw energy from to make up the difference?

Dieting trains the body to run on less, and then it doesn’t know what to do with a normal amount. Fueling up trains the body to put more and more to good use.

123 HGC Diet; a dangerous scam

This morning a friend sent me a screen shot of a “suggested page” on facebook for the “123 Diet” which appears to be a Multi Level Marketing version of a HGC Diet. As per most of these diets, the page promises a massive amount of weight loss very quickly with “no starvation, no exercise and no shakes”.

Looking into the HGC diet though, the way it works is that you consume a 500 calorie per day diet, while taking HGC drops which supposedly “trick” the body into burning fat.

First off… I’m not sure in what version of reality 500 calories a day does not count as “starvation”. It’s less than I have for breakfast. I have female clients steadily losing weight on anything from 1600 to 2600 (minimum, not maximum) calories per day depending on their needs. There’s absolutely no way on earth you need to slash your intake so drastically to such a dangerously low level in order to lose weight. As I’ve described in detail elsewhere, such drastic measures inevitably backfire horribly, as you’ll read in the link that follows.

Long Term Effects Of HCG Diet – a horror story on the myfitnesspal forums.

I did four rounds of HCG over the course of 2 years. I started with about 15 lbs to lose, and then lost it on HCG, and gained back 20…. lost the 20 on round 2, but gained back 30! etc. etc. now i’m about 35 lbs over weight and even though I havent touched hcg in over a year, i am unable to lose weight!

Now as to the HCG drops… if you’re starving yourself on 500 calories, you’ll lose weight initially albeit at the expense of your health. You’ll inevitably put the weight back with interest, but you will lose some to start with because you are literally starving. Even assuming that these drops actually do contain any significant dosage (or any at all for that matter) of the HCG hormone… you’re losing weight due to starvation, just the same way anorexic people, people in famine stricken countries or in concentration camps do.

Now the popularisation of the HCG Diet though, where did that start? Interestingly enough, wikipedia informs me that the resurgence in interest in HGC started with marketing by Kevin Trudeau. If you missed it a couple of weeks ago, this scumbag just received a 10 year jail sentence for unrepentantly continuing to market scam weight loss products in violation of court orders banning him from doing so.

From the United States Food And Drug Administration mandated disclaimer for all HGC products:

There is no substantial evidence that HCG increases weight loss beyond that resulting from caloric restriction, that it causes a more attractive or “normal” distribution of fat, or that it decreases the hunger and discomfort associated with calorie-restrictive diets.

Simply put… the HGC Diet is a dangerous starvation diet that does produce dramatic short term weight loss, but inevitably results in long term weight gain and metabolic damage. It was popularised by a known scumbag scam artist currently serving a 10 year sentence for fraud in relation to weight loss products.

Here’s the actual science on the HGC diet, as published in the American Society For Clinical Nutrition.

SERIOUS TALK: stop fucking around with these dangerous scam diets. Your body is designed BY GOD (or, you know… nature) to be a “normal” weight range on a “normal” range of calories. Despite what the diet industry wants you to believe, you don’t need to eat “less than normal” to be a normal weight.

Consume a suitable amount and train strategically, not to burn calories but to build a strong and healthy body. This is very simple.

Kyle Leon Customised Fat Loss needs to stop spamming my blog.

You know… I thought I was DONE with calling out other people’s shit products and shonky marketing practices but since these fkn jerk offs have taken to attempting to spam the comments section of my blog 10 times a day they can get it.

What’s interesting with these spam comments is that they’re all posted by the same person (or possibly robot), with links to different sites all about the Kyle Leon product. It’s like I’ve written about in the past with similar products, all of these different “review” or “is it a scam?” type sites are just run by the same marketers.

So it is very difficult to find an actual review of these products from an actual customer. However, I did find this thread on bodybuilding dot com with some customers discussing their experiences. Selected highlights follow.

Feedback so far:
* The food database is rubbish – use another application like MyFitnessPal or something else to work back from their macronutrient measurements.
* The support area is absolute rubbish, they dont even try to respond to questions, its just there on the premise to have one.
* The learning material is around the place but I think I’ve taken it all in after a week of reading, I think they do this so you think the dozen or so PDF books are great value for $47…. they should be together and clear / easy to understand. The food part is very sparse.

Or how about this glowing testimonial?

tried it ,,what a let down pdf’s about bodyshape etc and a meal plan for anyone not customised at all ,,sent many emails but only ever receive automated ones back and
now recieving emails from them advertising another plan by someone else (at the same address) promising even more fat loss and a muscle building plan too ,,each email selling another plan for $$,, so if i did every plan offered by them the only thing losing weight would be my bank account
so decided to go to my local bodybuilders store and asked the guy for advice which as it turns out i should have done first as now although i’m not losing weight i’ve lost 2inch off waist and added 1inch to chest
so my advice for what its worth is to talk to a Person not a websales site and keep your money in your pocket
Customisedfatloss is so not worth the money and the after sales service and advice is ZERO
Yet again more emails offering 2 more plans at $$ this is a money making machine not a customised fat plan I defy anyone to get a reply to an email from this company

Or this one?

When I was just starting out I was pretty desperate for some ‘solid guidance’ so bought this ‘program’ (I use the word loosely)..

Needless to say, as many before me have said, SAVE YOUR MONEY and just do your research on here. The good thing about is that when you have a question or need some clarification and ask it you will ACTUALLY get an answer (imagine that) and a good one at that.

Any ‘responses’ I received from Kyle Leon’s group was nothing short of rubbish. Generic is an understatement. Nothing is personalised, nothing is something you won’t find for free elsewhere.


Edit: wait though, there’s more! I found a review of Kyle Leon Customised Fat Loss on You can probably guess how satisfied the consumer is with the product.

So there you have it. Very few (if any) of the mass marketed products available on the web are “customised” in any way. There are other coaches and trainers like myself who do it, but far more who just send everyone the same generic pdf of the same generic meal plan, with no after sales support. The mass marketed ones though? You’re just buying from some guy or girl who has commission selling a few weight loss scams, a few hair loss scams, some miracle wrinkle cream, a how to pick up chicks manual, and god knows what else. Whatever crap they can pedal on to people for an easy buck.

If you’re going to buy a weight loss plan make it a REAL custom plan from a real coach, to suit your body, your goal and your life style.

Lose Weight With My New Flexible Dieting Wristband

Lose Weight With My New Flexible Dieting Wristband

Order one now and I’ll get it in the mail to you ASAP.

Just wear it while training, and while eating. All of the CARBS in your meals will be transported straight to the muscles, with any extra stored in the liver. Your body will now use these carbs to fuel and recover from training and won’t store them as body fat.

I’m serious, that’s how it works.

Order now for just $100 and I’ll give throw in FREE custom dietary guidelines, a training program and two months free trial of my DaveHPT Flexible Dieter’s Support Group on facebook, where you can stay in touch, have your questions answered, get any upgrades or revisions you need and so on.

Click the photo to order.

Note: the wrist band doesn’t actually do anything… all that stuff I said earlier is just how the human body works when you train effectively and diet appropriately.

Garcinia Cambogia Extract For Weight Loss

You’ve probably heard about this miracle weight loss cure as featured on the Dr Oz Show already, right?

Probably on your facebook feed in various “sponsored stories” featuring some celebrity or other who has “finally come clean on his/her weight loss secret”, am I right? Or if you’re on tumblr you’ll remember all those spam asks and submissions about “the tumblr diet” from a while back. Same thing, and I just got another submission with another stolen “before and after” plugging the same crap.

Let me clear it up for anyone who’s seen these spam posts and wants the real information. It is A SCAM. None of the celebrities who’s names they’ve dropped are actually on board, and my understanding is that several of them have taken legal action against the marketers for “using their likeness without permission” or whatever the legal term is.

Like I keep saying over and over. Don’t get sucked in by scam products and bullshit diets. Your body weight is determined by the total amount of calories you consume, on average. That’s all. People have lost weight eating nothing but McDonalds, they’ve lost weight eating nothing but twinkies and other so called “junk foods”, because they ensured they did not consume an amount that would add up to an excessive amount of calories. Obviously that’s not the recommended course of action, but the point is that it is TOTAL CALORIES that matters. Not magic pills, not special foods that burn fat, not the avoidance of bad foods that go straight to fat… that’s all bullshit. Total calories determines your body weight.

Follow the information in my free program on this site, or drop me a message if you want me to work out a custom plan for you.