Kyle Leon Customised Fat Loss needs to stop spamming my blog.

You know… I thought I was DONE with calling out other people’s shit products and shonky marketing practices but since these fkn jerk offs have taken to attempting to spam the comments section of my blog 10 times a day they can get it.

What’s interesting with these spam comments is that they’re all posted by the same person (or possibly robot), with links to different sites all about the Kyle Leon product. It’s like I’ve written about in the past with similar products, all of these different “review” or “is it a scam?” type sites are just run by the same marketers.

So it is very difficult to find an actual review of these products from an actual customer. However, I did find this thread on bodybuilding dot com with some customers discussing their experiences. Selected highlights follow.

Feedback so far:
* The food database is rubbish – use another application like MyFitnessPal or something else to work back from their macronutrient measurements.
* The support area is absolute rubbish, they dont even try to respond to questions, its just there on the premise to have one.
* The learning material is around the place but I think I’ve taken it all in after a week of reading, I think they do this so you think the dozen or so PDF books are great value for $47…. they should be together and clear / easy to understand. The food part is very sparse.

Or how about this glowing testimonial?

tried it ,,what a let down pdf’s about bodyshape etc and a meal plan for anyone not customised at all ,,sent many emails but only ever receive automated ones back and
now recieving emails from them advertising another plan by someone else (at the same address) promising even more fat loss and a muscle building plan too ,,each email selling another plan for $$,, so if i did every plan offered by them the only thing losing weight would be my bank account
so decided to go to my local bodybuilders store and asked the guy for advice which as it turns out i should have done first as now although i’m not losing weight i’ve lost 2inch off waist and added 1inch to chest
so my advice for what its worth is to talk to a Person not a websales site and keep your money in your pocket
Customisedfatloss is so not worth the money and the after sales service and advice is ZERO
Yet again more emails offering 2 more plans at $$ this is a money making machine not a customised fat plan I defy anyone to get a reply to an email from this company

Or this one?

When I was just starting out I was pretty desperate for some ‘solid guidance’ so bought this ‘program’ (I use the word loosely)..

Needless to say, as many before me have said, SAVE YOUR MONEY and just do your research on here. The good thing about is that when you have a question or need some clarification and ask it you will ACTUALLY get an answer (imagine that) and a good one at that.

Any ‘responses’ I received from Kyle Leon’s group was nothing short of rubbish. Generic is an understatement. Nothing is personalised, nothing is something you won’t find for free elsewhere.


Edit: wait though, there’s more! I found a review of Kyle Leon Customised Fat Loss on You can probably guess how satisfied the consumer is with the product.

So there you have it. Very few (if any) of the mass marketed products available on the web are “customised” in any way. There are other coaches and trainers like myself who do it, but far more who just send everyone the same generic pdf of the same generic meal plan, with no after sales support. The mass marketed ones though? You’re just buying from some guy or girl who has commission selling a few weight loss scams, a few hair loss scams, some miracle wrinkle cream, a how to pick up chicks manual, and god knows what else. Whatever crap they can pedal on to people for an easy buck.

If you’re going to buy a weight loss plan make it a REAL custom plan from a real coach, to suit your body, your goal and your life style.

Vegetarian & Vegan Bodybuilding, Weight Loss and General Health And Fitness

Let’s talk vegetarian and vegan body building, and general health and fitness.

Now, over the past year or two as far as my online presence and business focus goes, I’ve been talking a lot about weight loss. Since becoming more involved in the fitness related social networks, micro blogging and so forth, I became more aware of the amount of misinformation (or perhaps, disinformation) being spread, ranging from just over complicated or inaccurate advice all the way through to the promotion of dangerous and damaging unhealthy approaches.

The line between what is just inaccurate or unhelpful and what is dangerous and damaging is vague and blurry. There are any number of different dieting strategies people could adopt and be successful with, but whenever the message is “you must cut out these foods, and you cannot do it without these other foods” we’re straight into inaccurate territory. For people who think “well that’s easy enough, I can do that” it’s all well and good.

More often though, people already doubt themselves and their ability to succeed. You throw a lot of rules and restrictions at them and they doubt their ability to stick to them. They try to force themselves to stick to them, inevitably fail, and then things get messy as people start to associate feelings of guilt or inadequacy with eating and before you know it… actually I double the general public really has any idea how rife this is and what a serious health and mental health issue it has become. If you’re active in or have browsed the supposed “health and fitness” or weight loss tags of the various blogging platforms, you’ll know what I’m talking about already. It is most concerning.

I digress a little especially as I’m supposed to be talking about vegetarian fitness and body building or body sculpting, but my point is that all these rules and restrictions aren’t at all necessary and the responsible message that people in the business (or anyone else) should be promoting is that as long as you know your nutritional requirements (and limits) you really can meet them with your choice of foods and nothing needs to be off limits entirely.

Now watch how smoothly I tie all this together and turn it into a post about vegetarian fitness.

So like I said earlier, I talk and write a lot about weight loss and I’ve become very successful in using Flexible Dieting principles (aka IIFYM) combined with strategic and methodical training to produce some truly amazing results in weight loss, body sculpting and re-composition with clients all around the world. For myself though, my interest is in getting bigger, stronger and more symmetrically proportioned while still remaining relatively lean; known to the general public as “body building” although truth be told I do not really take this anywhere near to the level required to get on stage and compete.

Also, I happen to be a vegetarian at least 99% of the time.

Now, talking earlier about all these unnecessary rules and restrictions, who out there would possibly get told “you can’t do it that way” more than someone trying to get big and strong on a vegetarian diet? Well… you’ve got your vegans I suppose, that’s about it. The point remains the same though. Regardless of the goal, if you know your nutritional requirements you can build your own plan to meet them with your choice of foods. You do need to know those requirements, and you do need to plan and ensure that you meet them… it requires some effort but it is entirely doable for anyone who is serious about trying.

Of course… you also need an awesome training program.

But protein though?

All you vegetarians and vegans out there are already sick of being asked this annoying question by people who suddenly think they’re a nutritionist as soon as they find out you don’t like chewing on animals. Right? Back in my corporate days, as soon as I got a sniffle some joker would instantly chime in with the old “it’s because you don’t get enough protein” line. I’ve ranted about this so many times in the past already. Really though? Because I could tell them exactly how much protein I was getting on a daily basis, due to actually having a nutrition plan I’d created to meet my needs. Also I could probably lift them up over my head and throw them across the room, or tear their arm off and beat them with the wet end if they keep trying to lecture me about things they know nothing about.

If you’re a lacto-ovo vegetarian… no problem at all, because that means you’ve got your eggs and dairy as protein sources. You can always supplement with whey, soy or other forms of protein shakes if you need to bring up your protein intake. Vegans, you’ve still got your pulses, nuts and seeds and there are now some pretty nice tasting plant based protein supplements available as well.

Something I have been reading up on a little bit lately and trying to get an even better understanding of is the way the human body can actually synthesise protein for itself. What this means is that as long as you’re getting your 9 Essential Amino Acids, your body can synthesise whatever else it needs to produce a complete protein. There is no scarcity of plant based sources for these Essential Amino Acids, and as a vegan these sources will make up the majority of your total daily calorific intake.

In other words you have very little to worry about, if anything at all.

A good, varied vegetarian or vegan diet will also mean an excellent micronutrition (that means vitamins and minerals) profile, as well. One could safely bet, much better than those of the average misinformed meat eater lecturing you about protein as if it is the only important aspect of nutrition.

Paleo fad diet debunked by archeologist

I made a post last week about promoters and proponents of the various “paleo” fad diets rewriting history to push their nonsense. A lot of people do get great results with a so called paleo diet, and that’s great. The main problem I have with it however, is that is often pushed on people in a manner that resembles eating disorder logic, in my opinion.

As far as weight loss goes, telling people that they need to avoid entire food groups, entire macronutrient groups, and be overly concerned about things like insulin response or the specific micronutritional content of individual food choices (for example grains) is tantamount to promoting an eating disorder (orthorexia) mentality.

I always come back to the fruit thing… if you’re telling people directly (of if they can infer it indirectly) that they need to limit fruit take because of the insulin response to carbohydrates… that is unquestionably putting eating disorder type thoughts inside someone else’s head. It is entirely unnecessary for weight management, and it can be very unhealthy on a psychological level.

So the principles of the paleo fad diet (and it is just another fad diet someone is making a fortune from, make no mistake) are as follows:

  1. We should eat a meat based high protein, high fat diet just like our stone age ancestors did.
  2. Our caveman ancestors would have had low carbohydrate diets. Human beings do not require carbs.
  3. Never, ever, EVER eat grains. No one ever did before recent times when obesity levels also sky rocketed through the roof.

and so on.

I already posted a great video from an ACTUAL (highly qualified) NUTRITIONIST (and note the distinction here from host of self appointed experts on the internet selling opposing views) explaining why we do require a moderate to high carbohydrate intake. If you missed that one; here’s the link: Nutritionist Says Cutting Carbs Reduces Life Expectancy

Now, I’ll go one better.

Here’s an ACTUAL ARCHAEOLOGIST debunking all of these falsified and fabricated myths about what palaeolithic human beings actually ate.


So here’s where I stand on this paleo thing.

If you want to do a paleo fad diet and recommend it to other people, fine. But do so on the basis that it includes a lot of nutritious whole foods, fresh vegetables, lean meats and excludes processed junk foods, sodas and the like. But DO NOT tell people “it is the only way you can lose weight, because it’s how humans are supposed to eat like the cavemen did”. Because that’s a load of absolute bollocks.

Oh and throw a couple of potatoes in as well to get your carbohydrate intake up to a healthy level.

Update: my good friend and Canada’s #1 Trainer Cat Smiley has just written guest post on this subject over on my main business site. Filed under “Meat Eating Hippies and The Paleo Diet“.

Ashy Bines Green Smoothie e-book review

Forget these fad diets put together by scam artists and crooks... you WILL get results like this using the free program on this site. Photo is of an actual client following this program, not a stolen photo like you'll see on Ashy Bines' facebook.
Forget these fad diets put together by scam artists and crooks… you WILL get results like this using the free program on this site. Photo is of an actual client following this program, not a stolen photo like you’ll see on Ashy Bines’ facebook.

Poor Ashy has got some haters, man.

She’s been in trouble before not only for appropriating before and after images from various weight loss & fitness bloggers and claiming (or at least implying) that they have gotten those results through her program when they have not. She’s also been in trouble after claims that her program is plagiarised from other sources.

Well… similar claims are already being made about her new “green smoothie” e-book, as would seem to be in evidence due to many ingredients being referred to by their American names rather than the names they are commonly known by here in Australia. It seems like something that would happen when you grab a bunch of free recipes from the internet, combine them into an ebook, put it up for sale and claim it as your own work.

While we’re on the subject of cut & pasting things from the internet, here’s the text of a post on “Ashy Bines, Waste Of Money” facebook page, with a review of the new product.

This has been sent into us by a member that would like to remain anonymous:

Just a heads up for anyone who is stupid enough to contemplate purchasing the Green Smoothie e-Book.

Every single bit of info in this booklet is already available on Google, primarily from people such as Joe Cross who are living proof of the benefits of juicing and making smoothies. The fact Ashy is charging $20 for something that you can already get online for **free** from various forums and published websites by qualified professionals is something I find to be absolutely appalling. I just lost 10 kilos from smoothies and juices and I did it all for free on my own, thanks to Google and my own research. Ironically, I went on the juice and smoothie detox in the first place because the Ashy Bines guidelines made me incredibly ill to the point where my hormone levels were completely screwed to the point where I stopped getting my period, and my doctor said he was surprised I didn’t end up with kidney stones from what I was being told to eat.

I have never seen a single photo of Ashy to justify her ever needing to lose weight nor any supporting documentation of her knowledge and qualifications. As someone who blogs about the raw food movement every day, I am offended to see these greedy people trying to take more money from women when no one should ever be charging for this sort of information when it’s all readily available for free.

Something Ashy needs to remember with her sly advertising is that juicing and smoothies aren’t designed for speeding up anyone’s metabolism. Smoothies and Juices also aren’t designed to be consumed long term, so to state that it will speed up a persons metabolism is irresponsible due to the fact that as soon as they stop, their metabolism will 100% slow down again, and without the proper tools and advise people will relapse and gain all of the weight back finding it harder to get back into it a second time around. If she actually knew what she was talking about, she would understand that the purpose of these methods which are designed to detoxify the body are to absorb as many micronutrients as possible in order to repair any ill health and to assist in weight loss or what people such as Joe Cross would call ‘rebooting your system’.

Ashy, if you ever read this then remember that a lot of health professionals and weight loss bloggers worldwide are now onto you. The Green Smoothie Revolution email was sent around to at least 20 major bloggers in and outside of Australia today who are all advocates of healthy and steady weight loss. Trust me when I say, a lot of people in the health industry are banding together to ensure people like you who are destroying the industry reputation are thrown out – for good.

Please spread the word. Don’t let anyone get sucked into this money making scam.

Update: 5 Years Later


So all of a sudden this incorrigible con artist is on the keto bandwagon. And apparently doesn’t know what the krebs cycle is, but assumes you don’t either I guess. I suppose it would be more surprising if just once ever, one of these marketers would say “well I guess you could try that if you wanted to, but why would you, when we have a great system right here that we believe is the best, that so many people have had good & permanent results with over the past 10 years” about whatever the latest extreme dieting fad is to come out? That NEVER seems to happen, does it? Instead it’s “yep, that’s what we do now”. No integrity, just money grubbing cash grabbers looking to exploit people.

Women In The Weight Room

Here’s a post I’ve been meaning to write up for a while now, for all the ladies out there who are doing my program, or any other weights based program, or maybe aren’t doing it just yet but would like to start.

Possibly the most common concern I hear from women is that they feel intimidated about heading into the free weights section, because typically that’s male dominated territory and they feel like the gym bros might be offended by their presence,or something. I’m gonna hit you over the head with some truth and logic in the next few paragraphs. First up and perhaps most importantly, this is about YOU, not them. You’re paying your membership fees the same as anyone else, and going in there to put in your best effort and do what it takes, to take what you want from life. That means getting healthy, sculpting your goal body, boosting your confidence and being a happier person. If anyone has a problem with that they can go fuck themselves! That’s what I think.

Now, it’s unlikely to be an issue anyway. Serious people in the gym are either focussed on their own session to the point where they barely notice other people, OR they’re happily enjoying training and pleased to see other people sharing the same interest. If you feel like the experienced lifters have noticed your presence in the weight room, it’s more likely that they’re trying to decide if (as a beginner) you’d be pleased to have them offer some advice, or not. PRO TIP, if someone looks like they probably know what they’re taking about, take whatever advice they offer on board. There’s a million strategies that will get results so you don’t necessarily have to change everything you’re doing every time someone makes a suggestion, but if they look like they know their stuff at least hear them out and consider it.

SO your choices are… earplugs in blasting some heavy metal (other music is not an acceptable option haha) into your brain, focus on training, mind your business and others will do the same, OR be approachable, listen to advice from people who seem experienced and knowledgeable (unless it goes against anything you’ve learned here!). Either way, get stuck into a serious training program like Power, Precision & Pump and you will EARN RESPECT. You’re not in their just wasting your time with some nonsense “workout” and getting in the way of the serious people… you ARE one of the serious people. Regardless of your current size,weight or ability level… you’re in there putting a serious effort into a serious program to get serious results. People will respect that, and if they don’t… who cares what they think? What sort of insecure,immature people would they have to be to think “this is just for us, we don’t want other people here doing what we do”. Remember the saying, a lion does not care about the opinions of sheep!

Ok. Enough talk. Tomorrow you storm into the weight room, claim it as your territory (shared with everyone else, of course!) and take what you want out of life. And anyone who doesn’t like it can step out of the way or get stepped all over!

And this right here is what it looks like.