Flexible Fueling Online Coaching

Real Talk, No Gimmicks & No Bullshit

This is very simple. If you have a weight loss goal, what you need to do is establish new, sustainable habits of an appropriate energy & macronutrient intake matched to a suitable level of activity. A great training program that will encourage your body to prioritise the creation and maintenance of lean mass at the expense of fat stores will make this a much more efficient process lot more efficient  than just “calorie burning” activity.

Just like you learned right here in the free program, stop thinking about starving weight off with unrealistic, disordered starvation diet regimes and start thinking about what it would take to maintain your goal condition. That’s what you need to be working towards.

Bottom Line: You need to establish those habits, keep working on them, and when you get complacent you need to call yourself out on it and get back to work again.

For athletes and other active people really looking for the best results, you need a structured and strategic approach to training & fueling. Working within an “adequate to optimal” total energy range will take you a hell of a long way. People training consistently should really be working toward that maximum, optimal target with a periodised approach.

For weight loss or for athletes, at the time of this update I have 8 week, 12 week and now a 20 week advanced package available via my Flexible Fueling domain. Head over there and register to receive your invitation in time for the next season launch.



6 thoughts on “Flexible Fueling Online Coaching”

  1. Hi, I’m interested in your plan but am wondering what equipment we need if we opt for doing this at home? (I have equipment like a cross trainer and a bunch of weights etc.)

    1. It’s really a gym based program so I throw a LOT of different options and combinations of machines and free weights at you. Depending on your set up at home, you might be able to make it work. Shoot me a message via facebook (DaveHPT) and let me know exactly what you have.

  2. Hi. I am a 21 year old 5 foot 6, black female living in NC, and I weigh 235 pounds. I found out online that my BMI is 37.9, which is far from 23, and to at least be 23 I would have to weigh 143 pounds. I’ve actually lost 48 pounds already on my own, but to get down to 143 I need serious help. I did a bunch of cardio when I was on my diet, but for some reason I’m still stuck with embarrassing arm jiggle, a flabby stomach, and fat thighs. I’m really interested in your exercise plan, and I pray you’re willing to help me. I really want to know what exercises would I be required to do. I don’t have much space at home, so more than likely I’ll get a gym membership. But I just need help. I don’t know what direction to go when it comes to exercise. The body I’m going for is toned to a T. So if you could help me get a slim, toned body I’d appreciate it, and I’d also recommend you to others as well.

  3. Hello, I’m Alexis and for a little over a year have gotten into body building. I go to the gym at least 6 days a week. I’ve been noticing results but have been wanting more. I know diet obviously plays a major part in getting the results I want. Since I’ve heard of counting macros I’ve done some research and understand the concept, just don’t know where to go from here. I’m very conscientious of what I eat, drink alcohol very little, but would love to get on a meal plan and see where I can go by mixing my lifting knowledge with science. Would appreciate any help you could give me and thank you for your time!

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