14 ways Dr. Oz proves in Trump interview that on TV Oz just plays a doctor

Dr. Jen Gunter

Trump’s interview on Dr. Oz was everything I expected, an infomercial for Trump where Oz periodically reminded his audience of 4 million that he, Dr. Oz, is in fact a doctor who graduated medical school.la-na-donald-trump-gives-health-records-to-dr-mehmet-oz-20160914

It could have been interesting. Oz could have mentioned that he is a Muslim and the child of Turkish immigrants. He could have addressed a myriad of health issues from gun violence to who Trump would pick as Surgeon General to what exactly is Trump’s health care plan? However, this was all about the ratings for both parties.

Here are my 14 biggest issues with the segment that showed why Oz practiced everything but medicine:

1. Oz sets the ground rules of no talking about Clinton then lets Trump break it. I counted four times.  

I mean really. At one point Oz even allows the audience time to laugh so it can sink…

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