You should stop sharing posts from: Dr Axe

axUntitled-1Lets talk about this thing that has come up on my dash a couple of times this week.

This guy is known to be a quack and a charlatan who sells “cures” to conditions that don’t exist such as leaky gut, adrenal fatigue and so on. He also has a history of anti-vaccination activity (although the text of some posts on the subject have since been removed from his website), and is featured on the “truth about cancer” website alongside a veritable who’s-who of the most infamous anti-vax & snake oil hustlers ever to exploit the ill and vulnerable.

You can see how this infographic works to a familiar method of starting with what seems like quite reasonable and innocuous advice, but gets more extreme and questionable towards the end. Once you get to the guy’s facebook it is all aboard the woo-train to Quack City with all the usual manner of pseudoscience and fear mongering. Lots of talk about detoxing, metabolism boosting, everything causing cancer, thyroid problems and so on. All the usual woofuckery.

How about this nonsense about “metabolism death foods” that your body classifies as toxins at the end of the chart though? What a load of garbage. It does sounds like a good name for one of the 80s rockers on Regular Show or something, but mostly it sounds a lot like  some orthorexic pro-eating disorder garbage.

1, 2 and 3 here are probably not terrible advice regardless of the source but 5 is garbage and 4 IN THIS CONTEXT is poor advice.

The biggest loser study shows that trying to starve & burn weight off with minimal energy intake (aka pro-ana) & maximum energy expenditure (aka exercise bulimia) will backfire long term as you’re just training your body to survive on no fuel and require massive amounts of exercise to maintain it’s current condition even if that condition is “still a little (or a lot) over weight”.

When properly fueled, HIIT is a great addition to your training strategy. However, if you’re in the described situation where you’ve over worked and under fueled for long enough that you suspect an adaptation to metabolic rate, you need to still train productively and be otherwise active, but you’d be wise to leave out the intense calorie burning stuff at least for the meanwhile. That’s probably 50% (along with calorie restriction) of what got you into trouble in the first place.

To be fair, this graphic is far from the worst thing you’ve ever seen and probably no different from a lot of stuff in the online fitness and wellness blogospheres. That’s how they get you in though. See also: the David Avocado Wolfe Effect.

This guy like all slick marketers is just jumping on the coat tails of legit research or whatever else is in the news, to try and make it look like his usual line of garbage (”metabolism death foods” for fuck sake is this cunt serious?) has some merit.

If you want to be in great shape (including those of you who think “but i need to lose weight first”) do some strength training, some other activities and be fueled for results. Don’t be thinking “diet to starve weight off” but FUELED FOR YOUR BEST CONDITION.

axe woo bingo
Axe playing woo-bingo on causes of type 2 diabetes. Sidenote: I pulled this screenshot from a “paleo lifestyle” page. Quacks of a feather quack together.

Important “Dr Axe” links:

So there you have it.  Here’s a chiropractor/”natural medicine doctor” who warns his followers to avoid putting a chemical on their bodies due to cancer concerns, sells them that very same compound in a supplement they’re supposed to ingest, and in the same breath tells them he reads product labels to avoid putting dangerous product on or in his body.

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