Good news, bad news… whatever.

Most of what I post on here is actually good news even though “some people” will get their nose put out of joint by it. Other stuff is more like “real talk; whether we like it or whether we don’t like it, this is how it is so you might as well just face up to it”.

The good news? Starve and burn approaches don’t work.
Yeah I’m saying that’s actually good news. You can starve and burn some weight off, but it’ll only take you so far before starving harder and burning hotter won’t take you a step further and lawd will that weight ever come back and then some when you quit.

But I’m saying that’s good news. It’s good news because those approaches suck balls in hell anyway and now more than ever there’s no reason to subject yourself to that sort of deprivation and punishment KNOWING that it won’t pay off in the long term anyway.

That’s good news and you should be celebrating.

I talk about this enough so real quick: be suitably active and eat enough but not too much. Simple. Lots of people have lost weight and kept it off that way. I’m a trainer though so let’s talk PRODUCTIVE TRAINING with some strenuous activity to make this process more efficient and arrive at what we’ll describe as an ATHLETIC CONDITION instead.

To do that you need to be fueled and what that does NOT mean is going hungry, swearing off all the foods you like and forcing yourself to eat according to someone else’s bizarro ideas about blocks of butter being a healthy snack and fruit not so much… or whatever else. You don’t actually need to go low carb, low carb high fat, keto, paleo, intermittent fasting, 5:2… any of that.

The GOOD news is that on the nutrition side you can do it YOUR way, with YOUR choices of foods, YOUR preferred meal schedule, all put together as best suits YOU in meeting YOUR energy and macronutrient requirements. Ideally also with lots of fruit and veg.

All good news so far.

Now the other stuff.

Everything I just said is true and so long as you keep doing it, you’ll make progress towards a more athletic physical condition. At certain points your fueling requirements change and you need to revise your targets. Generally your requirements increase but you should be working to periods pushing towards your maximum level of usable energy, and then periods that are at a strategic deficit to that maximal amount but are still adequate to facilitate performance at training and maintain lean mass.


This stuff only works so long as you actually keep doing it. Choice of words here is important because while we could choose different phrases that mean more or less the same thing, the choice of wording reflects our attitude and our feelings towards the statement we’re making.

So I could talk about “consistent adherence”, but that sounds a bit like I expect perfection and that any deviation from the plan would mean failure. When you take out all of the lies and the bullshit and the cults and the marketing, there’s not really that much to it other than “effective training and appropriate fueling”, but we need to see this as an ongoing process that we keep working on, and as habits that we keep practicing.

I’ve said a few times that even when you are on the right track, seeing results and feeling good about yourself, the easiest thing in the world is gravitate back towards old habits, behaviours and ideas. Long term success doesn’t require obsessive, precise attention to your diet, and if anything the ultimate goal should be for eating to be as intuitive as possible. However, these are things that take practice, and we need to keep practicing structured and appropriate eating habits, rather than random and erratic ones.

We need to practice consciously rejecting fad diets and other “lose weight quick” schemes and scam products, and we need to treat any intrusive thoughts about skipping meals as exactly what they are.

Author: davehpt

I'm DaveHPT, Maybe you've heard of me? Musician, rock star and recording artist. Published author. Former security industry professional. Personal Trainer, Online Coach and the INNOVATOR in Sports Nutrition.

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