Master post on health concerns with Aspartame

There is a version of this master post over on my Flexible Fueling blogspot, which I update more often than this site. Check it out via this link: Artificial sweeteners are quite safe and helpful in weight loss.

Sometimes I need to dig up some information and I can’t remember where I saw it. So, I’m going to dump everything to do with aspartame here for future reference. Let’s start with a video:

Some of these links I’ve posted in other entries already, and some are new. Information On The Safety Of Aspartame

Now to be fair, there are also some articles, studies etc that I’ve seen that suggests a negative effect of aspartame. Perhaps I’ll compile and include those later, for the sake of balance and comprehensiveness. You need to be careful not to misinterpret those studies, which are often used to suggest that “aspartame is bad” by people who’ve arrived at that conclusion first and gone looking for supporting evidence later. What these studies tend to find is that there may be a correlation of artificially sweetened beverages being consumed as part of a diet that is not appropriate or not healthy over all. This should not be confused as to suggest that it because of those beverages that the person’s diet is inappropriate and unhealthy. At best we could interpret this data as evidence that “simply switching to artificially sweetened beverages from those that contain sugar may not be enough to ensure that your diet is appropriate over all, depending on what other choices of meals and snacks you make”.


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