Should I Quit Sugar?

Jessica Bailes


The trend of ‘quitting sugar’ is very popular right now. It’s an 8 week diet program where you do not eat any sugar (or fructose, to be precise). After that, you can’t eat any sugar, but you can eat fruit. The diet treats sugar as an addictive, evil substance, to be avoided at all costs, somewhat like nicotine, or even heroin.

The problem is, sugar isn’t an addictive drug. It’s delicious, sure, and too much of it isn’t good for your health, but it doesn’t need to be absolutely removed from your diet in order for you to be healthy. This all-or-nothing approach is unnecessarily restrictive.

Such a restrictive diet is very difficult to follow – it doesn’t allow for any slip-ups, and because sugar is seen as evil, eating it seems like the end of the world. Not participating in the delicious parts of life, such as your favourite…

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Author: davehpt

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