Skinny Tea Time is also a scam

My new friend Rosie is quite upset that a bunch of scumbags pushing a scam product have stolen her photos and claimed credit for all of her progress in pursuing health and happiness through sensible means.

See the following:


This is literal first hand PROOF that these “skinny teas” are a massive scam.

This photo is of me in 2012, I have NEVER used Skinny Tea Time or anything of the sorts.

These companies take random photos from the Internet and post “success” stories. Well in this case, they’re totally busted.

My blood is boiling, these companies are full of false advertisements and deception. Not to mention the fact they steal images of women who have worked on a healthy lifestyle of nourishing food/exercise – and post a false story to sell their product, with no regard to the truth behind that body.

Don’t waste your fucking money.

These fucking jerkoff artists will never learn. Just like the scumbags who stole my client Lexxa’s photo a while back, and just like these other “teatox” scams. Not on my watch motherfuckers.

Detoxes are a scam. Hit the detox tag for whole bunch of information I’ve already posted in response to similar outrageous frauds by other teatox companies. Scumbags.

If you want to lose weight in a sensible and sustainable way with no scams, there’s a FREE no strings attached program on this site that… god I don’t even know how many people by now… have used to achieve goals in weight loss, fitness, and recovery. I set it up to ruin everything for these wankers who steal people’s progress photos to sell scam products. I’m just that type of guy.

A couple more resources on the subject of detoxes and detox diets.

Check out what Quackwatch has to say.

Here’s a look at “colon cleansing detoxes” from one of the most respected Nutrition and Excercise Scientists.

Selected highlights from this post, courtesy of Elite Fitness Mentoring:

A bit of common sense shows us that this is total BS. We know that the only thing that will make you lose weight is an energy deficit. These diets create a severe energy deficit and that is why you will rapidly lose weight; it’s not because you “cleanse” your liver and digestive tract. A sudden, huge drop in calories will also no doubt leave you feeling lethargic after a day or two, making detox diets both impractical and scientifically unsound.



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