How come so many of the most dangerous fad diets

always say “no more fad diets!” in their sales pitch?

I was just revisiting this fucking cunt of a man Dr Alwyn Lewis‘ twitter and you can see the background there is all stuff about his deranged “Five Bite Diet“. Check it out though, here’s the list:

Claim One: No More Fad Diets

Cunt, clearly it is a fad diet. Or, it is designed to be a fad diet… it just hasn’t caught on yet outside of the pro-ana blogosphere thank god.

Claim Two: No More Counting Calories

Well, I guess there’s no need to count calories when you completely disregard any idea of eating sensibly to meet but not exceed your body’s energy requirements. Starvation is starvation, the numbers are irrelevant.

Claim Three: No Restricting What You Eat.

Cunt, are you actually for real cunt? It’s a “five bite diet”. You’re restricted to literally five bites of food. How could anything possibly be MORE restrictive than that? Until some even more irresponsible dickhead comes out with a “four bite diet”, I guess.

Claim Four: No Pills

I’m thinking some vitamin and mineral supplements might actually be a good idea if your intake is so low as to eliminate the possibility of even remotely adequate micronutrition intake. Of course you could always just EAT SOME FUCKING FOOD instead, just as a wild and crazy idea.

Claim Five: No Exercise.

Well thank Christ for that. You’re not even getting enough nutrition to sleep all day, much less walk around a bit. Actually exercising would be… well… just doing this stupid diet would be disasterous. Catastrophic. Exercising on top would be… what’s a word? Cataclysmic?

I’m livid because apparently this dead set imbecile was just on the Dr Oz show promoting this nonsense. He needs to come and do a tour of Australia so I can turn up and stomp the piss out of him the fucking prick. Cocksucker if you read this, go jump on tumblr or any other similar platforms popular with young people and check out the horrendous mental and physical damage vulnerable people are doing to themselves due to being exposed to the sort of outrageous nonsense you promote.


Please, for the love of god. Stop and think for a moment.

Anyone you know, or have ever passed in the street, who was a “normal” weight, not out of shape, or even in quite great shape. Do you REALLY believe that the only way they could be “not overweight” was by restricting to such a dangerously low level of nutritional intake? If you only just heard of this diet, chances are none of them ever heard of it before either. MOST people out there in “normal” shape are that way simply because they don’t over eat very often.

That’s all that is required. Not starvation level intake like on this diet. Just “don’t over eat very often”. Consume a “normal” amount relative to a healthy, normal weight for your age.

Read the FREE program on this this site I explain it all pretty well if I do say so. It’s free. No scams, no “give me your email first so I can market to you and sell it to other spammers”… none of that.

Just the truth, for free. Read up.

Here’s another review of the five bite diet I found elsewhere, quite correctly describing it as “as close to an eating disorder as possible”.


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