Kyle Leon Customised Fat Loss needs to stop spamming my blog.

You know… I thought I was DONE with calling out other people’s shit products and shonky marketing practices but since these fkn jerk offs have taken to attempting to spam the comments section of my blog 10 times a day they can get it.

What’s interesting with these spam comments is that they’re all posted by the same person (or possibly robot), with links to different sites all about the Kyle Leon product. It’s like I’ve written about in the past with similar products, all of these different “review” or “is it a scam?” type sites are just run by the same marketers.

So it is very difficult to find an actual review of these products from an actual customer. However, I did find this thread on bodybuilding dot com with some customers discussing their experiences. Selected highlights follow.

Feedback so far:
* The food database is rubbish – use another application like MyFitnessPal or something else to work back from their macronutrient measurements.
* The support area is absolute rubbish, they dont even try to respond to questions, its just there on the premise to have one.
* The learning material is around the place but I think I’ve taken it all in after a week of reading, I think they do this so you think the dozen or so PDF books are great value for $47…. they should be together and clear / easy to understand. The food part is very sparse.

Or how about this glowing testimonial?

tried it ,,what a let down pdf’s about bodyshape etc and a meal plan for anyone not customised at all ,,sent many emails but only ever receive automated ones back and
now recieving emails from them advertising another plan by someone else (at the same address) promising even more fat loss and a muscle building plan too ,,each email selling another plan for $$,, so if i did every plan offered by them the only thing losing weight would be my bank account
so decided to go to my local bodybuilders store and asked the guy for advice which as it turns out i should have done first as now although i’m not losing weight i’ve lost 2inch off waist and added 1inch to chest
so my advice for what its worth is to talk to a Person not a websales site and keep your money in your pocket
Customisedfatloss is so not worth the money and the after sales service and advice is ZERO
Yet again more emails offering 2 more plans at $$ this is a money making machine not a customised fat plan I defy anyone to get a reply to an email from this company

Or this one?

When I was just starting out I was pretty desperate for some ‘solid guidance’ so bought this ‘program’ (I use the word loosely)..

Needless to say, as many before me have said, SAVE YOUR MONEY and just do your research on here. The good thing about is that when you have a question or need some clarification and ask it you will ACTUALLY get an answer (imagine that) and a good one at that.

Any ‘responses’ I received from Kyle Leon’s group was nothing short of rubbish. Generic is an understatement. Nothing is personalised, nothing is something you won’t find for free elsewhere.


Edit: wait though, there’s more! I found a review of Kyle Leon Customised Fat Loss on You can probably guess how satisfied the consumer is with the product.

So there you have it. Very few (if any) of the mass marketed products available on the web are “customised” in any way. There are other coaches and trainers like myself who do it, but far more who just send everyone the same generic pdf of the same generic meal plan, with no after sales support. The mass marketed ones though? You’re just buying from some guy or girl who has commission selling a few weight loss scams, a few hair loss scams, some miracle wrinkle cream, a how to pick up chicks manual, and god knows what else. Whatever crap they can pedal on to people for an easy buck.

If you’re going to buy a weight loss plan make it a REAL custom plan from a real coach, to suit your body, your goal and your life style.


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I'm DaveHPT, Maybe you've heard of me? Musician, rock star and recording artist. Published author. Former security industry professional. Personal Trainer and Weight Management Architect Of Awesomeness. Problem Solver.

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