Flexible Dieting / IIFYM / Online Coaching: Price Rise Imminent

If you’ve been paying attention you’ve already seen the photo transformations, reviews and video testimonials from a LOT of happy online coaching clients by now. Some who had some weight to lose and hadn’t been able to shift it in the past, some who are already fit and active but not quite seeing the sort of results you’d expect for the amount of effort they were putting in, and some who honestly just needed someone to tell them “it’s ok to eat, you won’t get fat”.

Lots of happy people. There’s lots of happy people just following the free program here as well, let’s not forget about that. There’s really no reason anyone out there reading this can’t be successful, you just need the right approach. A sensible, productive approach through strategic training and appropriate fueling, not through starving and burning calories.

We’ve just kicked off the new season of Online Coaching and it will be the LAST one at the current price. Based on the results my clients have been getting… and we’re not just talking physical results either… I realised this is worth way more than the 10 bucks a week I’ve been charging. So the next season I’ll be charging more appropriately.

Here’s what you’ll be getting for your investment:

  • Custom Flexible Dieting Guidelines to get fueled up for great results with your choice of foods.
  • Special offers on Custom Meal Planning if you’d like Miranda to build your plans for you. Again, that’s plans to meet your custom targets with your choice of foods.
  • Ongoing support and motivation via my private Flexible Dieters group on facebook.
  • A variety of home and gym based training programs to choose from.
  • But most of all you get great results without any restrictions or guilt associated with your meal choices. That is invaluable, surely.

So, the current season is already underway and will be the last at the old price. However… I’m going to hold the doors open a little longer so if there are any late arrivals who missed out… chase me up now via facebook and I’ll give you 50% off the NEW price. Offer expires next week so don’t mess about!

Here’s the video I made talking about all this last week.



Author: davehpt

I'm DaveHPT, Maybe you've heard of me? Musician, rock star and recording artist. Published author. Former security industry professional. Personal Trainer and Weight Management Architect Of Awesomeness. Problem Solver.

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