New Year Recovery Diet Challenge, January 2014

We’re almost at the end of the year, which means we’re almost at the start of the year. Which usually means a lot of people feeling a bit sheepish about how much they relaxed on their diet and indulged in a bunch of delicious but “bad” foods over the Christmas break. Now if I was a shrewd businessman I’d be planning to capitalise on that with some sort of a “starve and sweat and burn the guilt away” type program because if people have been enjoying themselves the past few weeks they need to punish themselves for a while to make up for it, right?

I’m sure you’ll all be spammed with a lot of these sort of programs in the new year, but whatever man. If you’ve been paying any attention at all for the past year I’ve had this site you’ll already know how I feel about that sort of bullshit. So instead I’m going to be running a new 12 Week Recovery Challenge, starting from January 12th.

Recovery from what, exactly? You may well ask.

Well, recovery from whatever bullshit ideas about “feeling guilty” for eating and enjoying yourself some jerks (aka society) might have planted in your head, for one thing. Physical and mental recovery from whatever damage conventional, restrictive dieting strategies have wreaked upon you in the past.

How much weight will I lose? You might enquire.

Well, it depends.

I don’t know where you’re at right now, yet. I don’t know how much you weigh, how active your lifestyle is, how much you’re eating right now, and so on. All of this stuff matters.

This will be a custom program to meet your unique needs. I’ll list off a few of the more likely scenarios that might apply to you, here.

If you have some weight to lose, are currently inactive and are over eating:

This is easy! We get started with training, and we build a Flexible Dieting plan suitable for healthy weight loss. You’ll be surprised by how much you still get to eat, and how easily the weight comes off.

If you have some weight to lose, are currently quite active and following a strict diet but not seeing results:

This is a little less straight forward but still easy enough to fix. Conventional wisdom would suggest “if you’re not losing weight, you’re still eating too much” and most trainers would just keep slashing your calorie intake until some weight loss happens. BUT THAT’S NOT GOOD.  What is happening in this situation is that your body has adapted and is compensating for being chronically under fuelled. We could slash calories further, but we’d only be doing more damage that we’d need to undo later on.

Our immediate goal in this circumstance is to lose and disprove any notions that “eating more will make me gain weight”, and get fuelled up for better results from training. We’ll do this with a gradual increase towards what we would expect to be a suitable intake to maintain goal weight and body type. Even though this may be quite significantly more than your current intake and will include plenty of room to enjoy all of your favourites (in moderation), you will not gain weight and in many cases will actually see immediate results in weight loss due to finally being fuelled appropriately.

Of course, I may decide that you don’t actually need to lose any weight at all.

If you’re already at the lower end (or below) what we might consider a “historically normal” weight, we can forget about trying to starve off any more of it and instead focus on getting fuelled up, enjoying all of our favourite foods in moderation, performing better at training and finally seeing those physical changes that we didn’t get through restriction and deprivation. You’re going to FEEL a lot better in your head, as well.

As I’ve said, this is about recovering from these ideas that it is “bad” to eat for enjoyment and that you have somehow let yourself down by eating enjoyable foods. What you’re soon going to realise is that you can eat a lot more, including the enjoyable stuff, and it will ALL get put to use in making you healthy, happy and sculpting your goal body type.

Check in with some of my girls via my facebook and they’ll tell you. This stuff sounds like some kind of magical utopian fairy tale, but IT IS TRUE.

Sounds awesome right? Register now.

There’s an information page over on my official business website promoting my 12 Week Flexible Dieting Recovery Challenge.

Register there, and I’ll shoot you an email when it is time to sign up and get started.


Author: davehpt

I'm DaveHPT, Maybe you've heard of me? Musician, rock star and recording artist. Published author. Former security industry professional. Personal Trainer and Weight Management Architect Of Awesomeness. Problem Solver.

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