Does Christine Cronau actually believe the nonsense she speaks?

Forward: I was IRATE when this happened, but after a little while I calmed down and thought to myself “look, these people actually mean well, it’s just that their science is wrong and their logic is flawed”, and I figured I’d come edit this article and remove words like “scumbag” for example. However I’ve just been shown that the person in question is writing the incident off as “organised trolling with no well founded counter claims”… so, whatever man.


So… it’s rare for a prominent scumbag to escape my attention for so long, and apparently a local one at that. Anyway I was on facebook today and as is the way facebook works, I noticed one of my highly respected international colleagues making a comment on Christine Cronau’s facebook post.

Now, I must apologise because apparently I am losing my touch and failed to take screenshots in anticipation of the most likely result, but I swear to god man, if you thought the “carbs are the devil” people were ridiculous and illogical enough already, this chick is taking it to the next level. What we’re talking about is a post not just saying “don’t eat carbs they make you fat” but actually saying… again… I am not making this up “fats do not make you fat. You can force feed yourself any amount of fats and it cannot under any circumstances result in fat gain”.

Seriously. Overeat by 3000 calories every day for as long as you like… if it’s all from fats, you won’t gain weight. Have you ever heard a more preposterous fairy tale in your entire life?

I bet you think I’m making this up, right? Well… see for yourself.

That video. I can’t even.

So… the comments ranged from people buying into this load of rot to some of my colleagues in the business posting some legitimate science that clearly refutes this outrageous claim. Now, of course people are all about polarisation and the idea of there being some sort of “middle ground” option doesn’t occur to them, so it soon turns into a “high carb low fat diets vs low carb high fats” argument. To which I enquired:

Why does it have to be a choice of low carb vs low fat? Why not encourage a moderate and flexible diet to meet people’s needs and satisfy their appetite without going into excess, rather than promote restrictive approaches that can potentially lead to an eating disorder, not to mention god knows what health consequences due to forcing the body to adapt to such unbalanced and unnatural conditions? other than that it is a lot easier to make money using sensationalist alarmism of course.

And for that… I got BANNED. Along with all of my respected colleagues, who’s posts linking to actual scientific and medical documents regarding how your body REALLY deals with carbohydrates and dietary fats were all deleted as well. What is worth noting is that a few comments such as “please die, you don’t know what the fuck you are talking about” were left up. So, verbal abuse ok… science from concerned professionals not ok.

Interesting, the “about” section of her facebook page says this:

All the information contained within this page is of the nature of general comment only, and are not in any way recommended as individual advice. The intent is to offer a variety of information to provide a wider range of choices now and in the future, recognising that we all have widely diverse circumstances and viewpoints. Should any reader choose to make use of the information contained herein, this is their decision, and the author and publishers do not assume any responsibilities whatsoever under any conditions or circumstances. It is recommended that the reader obtain their own independent advice.

And yet… contradictory views posted by concerned professionals, with links to scientific medical research gets deleted and results in being banned from making further comment.

As I said in conversation with my banned colleagues, I guess the truth hurts and SHITBAGS don’t want to hear it.

Let’s straighten this out about the insulin for starters. Carbs produce an insulin response. Protein produces an insulin response. Now… the suggestion that “you can’t get fat from eating fats because it doesn’t produce an insulin response” is the illogical extension of the “carbs make you fat because it produces an insulin response” argument. It doesn’t add up though. What are these people eating that they think ONLY consists of dietary fats with NO carbs or protein bundled with it? Unless they are just chugging straight olive oil I can’t think of much else.

Bottom Line: EXCESS calories get stored as fat. Whether they are from fats, from carbs, from protein, from healthy food, or from junk food… if it is in excess of what your body can find a use for, it will be stored as fat. If it is NOT in excess of the amount your body can utilise, it will get put to use! It’s THAT SIMPLE.

This vile woman Christine Cronau is just one more snake oil scam artist making money by exploiting vulnerable people with fake science and made up conspiracy theories about how food works, without a care in the world as to how it might effect their health or mental health. ALL bad information about diet harms people, and ALL restrictive approaches based on made up science demonising a particular food group are tantamount to the active promotion of eating disorders.

As I said to her in my comment which was deleted on facebook “you should be ASHAMED of yourself”.

I’m gonna ask one of my colleagues who are better with the scientific talk to do a guest post properly clearing all of this up.


Author: davehpt

I'm DaveHPT, Maybe you've heard of me? Musician, rock star and recording artist. Published author. Former security industry professional. Personal Trainer, Online Coach and the INNOVATOR in Sports Nutrition.

16 thoughts on “Does Christine Cronau actually believe the nonsense she speaks?”

    1. Well I watched one of her videos and she nearly had me sucked in, until I researched a bit more and I didn’t find anything scientific about food BUT…. I looked at a photo SHE SAID was her at 20yrs old and then one of her that SHE SAID was of her at 42yrs old. Now I would have believed she could have a great body at 42 just like the photo, BUT I doubt VERY much that her hair would be EXACTLY the same 20 yrs later. And I mean Exactly the same right down to the curls being in the same spot they were 20 yrs ago. Sorry, don’t think so. Make up your own mind. She has a black dress on in the 20yr old photo and wearing a blue bikini when shes 42. Check out the hair. Oh and her face hasn’t aged in 20yrs either.

  1. Thought you might be interested in my experience with a HFLC diet. I’ve been on this diet for two years now but I didn’t start it for weight loss – I started it for epliepsy. Before beginning this diet my neurologist did a full panel blood workup as he wanted to see the effects of this diet too since he is not overly familiar with it. He had heard of it in the field of neurology but that was the extent of it (as is true of many US doctors). I weighed 132 pounds which was just a tad heavy for my 5’5″ frame but as stated earlier, weight loss was not the goal for me. I lost 8 pounds to 124 and have maintained this weight throughout the diet. I have blood work every six months and the last time I saw my general practitioner he was thrilled with my check-up, especially my blood work (my cholesterol is better than it ever was pre-diet). And the best thing of all? I’ve been seizure free and medicine free for the entire duration of this diet. I am on the Modified Atkins Diet which is considered a high fat, moderate protein, low carb (20 grams per day) diet with fats being the essential component of this diet.

    1. Rebecca I am glad to hear that things are working out nicely for you with your health but please PLEASE understand that there is a massive difference between your doctor or neurologist recommending a particular nutrition plan to you specifically to manage a medical condition, and an entirely unqualified person spreading misguided and false information telling the population en masse that they require a similar diet and that “eating fat can’t make you fat / eating carbs automatically means getting fat”.

      If people have a medical condition they should seek the advise of a qualified and experienced specialist in that field.

  2. Yet what you all fail to realize, is that what reason would the government have to teach these ‘qualified and experienced specialists’ the right information when they are all still being taught to that of a theory and not factual knowledge. We still go back to the Theory of 7 countries, where they picked 7 of the 14 countries they looked into because they better suited his Theory. So if you really did do your research, you would have found that we have only started becoming overweight in recent years since we have been lowering our intake of natural fats and upped our intake of transfats (industrial fats). There is too much money in the diet side of things. They make more money off of people buying drugs and spending more for food that is the complete opposite of what we have been surviving off of for the past 2000 years. If we go back to the way we used to eat, even use animals as an example, they eat the organs and the fatty part of the animal, and leave the lean meat for the scavengers. It’s how our bodies are designed. I’m personally on this and have never felt better. These ‘experts’ could not explain the improvement over what I was before. That’s my input anyway.

    1. That’s probably the most incomprehensible comment ever on the site, and I’m including the ones from robots programmed by people in non English speaking countries. I literally have no idea what you just said to me.

  3. Well, you exactly hit the nail on the head in my opinion. I just commented a couple of times on one of her posts. The feeling I get is that the fat revolution is a broken clock; even a broken clock is right two times a day…

    1. Did you get banned? Most people get banned.
      This article is actually about a year old and she’s actually gotten worse, getting on this “eat butter” lunatic fad. All these people on her page bragging about how much butter they eat and how long since they ate any fruit. Just horrendous. Insanity.

  4. Like most doctors and other institutionalised robots fed all the rubbish from drug companies and governments hate to be proven wrong with actual real science in the real world… not what they’re fed by their head honchos misleading them and making obscene profits from so called professional (drug pushing) doctors. I have a good idea? lets keep doing what the “professionals” tell us to do and we can all enjoy the health that follows ……diabetes, obesity, heart disease, cancer, and so many other wonderful benefits from all their “professional knowledge” keep it up we all love having a good laugh at you! oh and one more thing! “professionals” have never left school they still have their noses stuffed in books reading about how to do whatever.. it is so funny to real people who actually learn from experience and admit if they”re wrong. I’ll just wait now for all the sheep to call me names and tell me what an idiot I am… are all so predictable it never ceases to amaze me! I can’t wait for the first reply with all its abuse and name calling…….just remember I’ll be laughing like mad at you!!

  5. Great post Dave! I’m a dietitian and her page makes me cringe. The amount of people with gall bladder and reflux issues complaining on that page speaks volumes… too bad she deletes them when they pipe up too much. Fat isn’t the solution to everything, and it’s naive to think that it is. Unsaturated fat is good for our health, but its not calorie free. In energy controlled diets regardless of macronutrient variations people lose weight.

    The hide to say that the guidelines made her fat when she admits to eating pizza and chocolate mousse every night (view her website). Is not a reflection of the dietary guidelines. Its a reflection of her own personal dietary choices. The dietary guidelines clearly states to limit discretionary foods. Pizza and chocolate mousse are discretionary foods.

    Its funny that people who have balanced eating never complain about ill health, don’t have weight issues, yet we are the ones part of the conspiracy keeping people sick… I don’t make money off sick people. We all pay taxes, taxes pay for medical bills, people with medical bills costs us money! Thats why I am employed to bring down health care costs population wide. Do the math people, its like people believe in aliens these days.

  6. I have a challenge for Christine. Put someone with angina chest pain on your high fat diet and see if he/she improves.. Dr Caldwell Esselstyn has had remarkable results reversing coronary artery disease on a plant based diet. If these people were put on a high fat diet I and sure their angina would get worse.

  7. Christine is a complete and utter lunatic – the complete and utter nonsense she posts is beyond comprehension. The reason the Australian Dietary Guidelines “don’t work” – is because the vast majority of the population don’t follow them. Then someone has a light globe moment, realizes they are overweight/obese and decide to “go on a diet” – they read nonsense and think “I like eating fatty foods” this must be a good diet. Let’s cut out all that “rubbish” like wholegrain cereals, etc. etc. Lo and behold, they cut out a whole macro nutrient (CHO) and they lose weight – I wonder what would happen if they cut out all fat or all protein? At 54 and an exercise physiologist who is married to an APD with two young boys – we are in the minority who follow the ADG plus we exercise and have always been at a healthy weight with a healthy blood profile. Are there times to follow a ketogenic style diet – sure, in the short term and under medical supervision – unless of course you want renal failure or bowel cancer in the long term. Vermin like Christine and celebrity chef/zealot Pete Evans have no place providing nutritional guidance, they are there for one thing and one thing only – misinformation and profit.

    I read with interest the person above that had such remarkable results eating LCHF and question what were you eating previously? Could you have achieved similar results without such drastic dietary restrictions – probably. Sadly, many people wait until a crisis occurs before they decide to make a change – wouldn’t it be easier if people actually lived healthier lifestyle from the onset rather than succumbing to quackery? Here’s a simple exercise – go to this link re The Blue Zones – these are those regions around the world where the longest living people reside, they all have certain commonalities in their societies some of which are (a) largely a plant based diet and (b) complex CHO intake (e.g. Legumes in Southern Europe and Sweet Potato in Japan) – nothing about LCHF – this has stood the test of centuries and there is no financial gain herein – just fact:

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