I stand corrected re: flexible dieting denialism

Oh man. I posted a couple of updates talking about how nice it was that there’s a swing towards more sensible, flexible approaches and less people talking bollocks about how “calories don’t count” and so on. It turns out… maybe I had just been avoiding morons and networking with more intelligent people or something. I’m still optimistic that I haven’t just imagined this positive trend emerging but a few people have been kind enough to give me the heads up on a few recent articles I missed, or stir some shit up in the industry networking groups.

It’s like… it’s not just that people don’t agree with me and have different ideas and beliefs – although really, how dare anyone? It’s not even just that I think they are bad people (in some cases) and profiting from the promotion of bad and incorrect ideas that actually harm people – which they are. It’s the LOGIC, man. The sheer belligerent disregard for logic, and refusal to attempt any sort of critical thinking on the matter.

Zoidberg Logic

It does my head in man. It is exasperating. I need to go back to my happy place of only interacting with intelligent people who realise you can eat a slice of white toast once in a while without your fucking liver instantly exploding or some shit.

Anyway for your entertainment and education, I now present the top 7 (it was going to be 5, but I thought of extra) of stupid as fuck things idiots have said to me (or just said, and I’ve happened to see) regarding IIFYM and calories and “clean” foods and so on.

1. If you think calories matter try eating 1500 calories of sugar every day for a month and then get back to me.

I swear to god, an actual qualified PT said this to me. I mean… when you talk about calorie targets is it really necessary be so pedantic as to state that you need to hit that target with some attention to the spread of macro and micro nutrients, fibre requirements, and not to mention satiety is important as well? You want to choose foods that mean you’re less likely to go hungry and end up over eating. As if anyone would just eat a bag of fucking sugar and go “yeah that’ll do me for the day, I won’t get hungry again either” anyway for crying out loud.

The level of stupidity displayed by such a comment is actually offensive to me.

2. The issue isn’t calories, it is other factors that make people over eat. Emotional eating for example.

Uh.. So by “over eating” you mean they end up at an excessive calorie intake, right? I’d actually agree, identify the root cause that makes people more likely to feel like they are not in control of their eating habits and leads them to over eat, and deal with that. In my experience you go a long way towards achieving this by removing their ideas about “only liking bad foods that make you fat”, for example.

3. You think it’s ok to eat carbs? Tell that to someone with a gluten intolerance.

This is the classic one that always comes out after a little while. It starts out “all carbs are bad”, and then it becomes “but if people have a gluten intolerence”… no. We’re arguing about if people IN GENERAL need to avoid carbs, not special populations who may have a medical condition or dietary intolerance to something.

For the record though? Gluten is a protein, not a carbohydrate. Google that. Your argument is invalid.

4. But if someone has a thyroid condition

Again… usually the argument starts out as “calories don’t matter to ANYONE, if you don’t eat clean and cut out carbs calories mean nothing”. But soon enough they start clutching at the “thyroid” straw. Which is a red herring anyway. Take it from a guy with only 1/2 a thyroid for the past 14 years or so. In actual fact cutting out carbohydrates is probably what is going to cause you to develop a thyroid problem if you don’t have one already.

Actually 4b is when I point out that I have only half a thyroid and can still predict what weight I’ll end up at within a couple kg accuracy to whatever flexible (and man, I mean SO flexible) dieting plan I dial in for myself, they often actually think I’ve proved THEIR point. As in “oh you have a thyroid condition? See that’s what happens when you don’t eat clean”.

Shut the fuck up. My half a thyroid does the job just fine despite all the delicious “bad” foods I eat on the regular.

5. Lamb and poultry are examples of food that contain unrefined carbs.

I swear to the old gods and new, I am not making that up. I would link to the article except fuck those guys I only link to people who aren’t full of shit spreading half truths and nonsense.

As an added bonus, something I’ve been meaning to write out for a while now.

6. You need to read the book, it explains it properly and has all the references to the science.

Here’s the thing with science though. Science is awesome but science is there to explain how things work. Things that we see occurring in the known universe. Just because someone writes a book or an article and can reference some studies in support of their claim… does that suddenly CHANGE HISTORY though? If I’ve got a bunch of clients getting great results with a flexible plan including moderate carbohydrate intake, or I just point out people have eaten high carbohydrate diets for thousands of years and continue to do so today… does all that suddenly change because someone’s written an article or book explaining how “the science says that it doesn’t happen”? Of course it happens. We’ve all seen it.

Who’s going to break the bad news to those people that they only THINK they’ve lost all that weight because they can’t possibly have done if they still eat cereal for breakfast?

It’s ridiculous. Besides, there’s just as many studies available that support the theories behind flexible dieting or IIFYM, and more to the point, those studies support what we can actually see occurring in the real world every day.

7. You think you know everything! You think your way is the only way!

Nope. However, I do happen to know a couple of things very, very well indeed. And I think “my way” is one of many ways that works… you’re the one saying it doesn’t because of all these fancy rules and “science” you’re throwing around.

On a related topic there’s a new post on facebook and also on my main site explaining the actual truth about How Carbs Make You Fat. Spoiler alert, it only happens if you’re in calorie surplus.


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