Trick Your Body Into Burning More Fat With My New System

I built this site about a year ago with the aim to put a stop to all of the nonsense… the unhealthy, damaging and above all unnecessary methods that are promoted by unscrupulous business people as the only way your average person can lose weight and get into great shape. These ideas are usually put out by marketing people, picked up by the media, spread like urban myths and unfortunately are also picked up and propagated by trainers and coaches who really should know better. 

Eat less, burn more calories, take this pill to burn even more calories, cut out these bad foods, only eat these foods. Trick your body into burning more fat, more quickly.

You lot ought to know by now, virtually everything I do as a coach is based on the absolute rejection of all this. You body does not need to be “tricked” into becoming lean, strong and healthy. Being a normal size and within a healthy weight range is not some unrealistic goal and unlikely outcome that can only happen through some miracle of modern medicine or restrictive eating plan that bans entire macronutrients and forbids you from ever eating for enjoyment once in a while.

Quite the opposite, in fact. Your body is designed to be in or around a certain weight range relative to your height. If anything, the human body would need to be tricked in order to enter a physiological state necessary to allow the accumulation of body fat stores to a level that is disproportionate to calorific intake, as we see with increasing frequency in our unhealthy modern society. Consistent over eating would be one way to do it, as would consistent under eating. Alternating wildly between one and the other by going on and off low carb and other fad diets is an absolute sure fire way of “tricking” the body into going into fat storing mode and staying there.

So while it is possible to trick the body into becoming super efficient at storing fat, this is not it’s normal, natural state. It’s natural state is probably not so dis-similar to your ultimate, “if only I could be so fortunate!”, dream body. Now, since your goal is merely to get your body back into the shape it was designed to be in the first place, what is the best strategy to allow this to happen?

Simple. Stop trying to “trick” it, and allow it to function properly the way nature intended.

Now, if you’re not following my facebook page, you need to be for daily updates from me that will include motivational stuff, educational stuff, some laughs and most importantly it is where my people are checking in with their progress and success stories that prove you can get great results and be happier and healthier while still enjoying all of your favourite foods and having a life outside of training.

Start with this post from last week, with a whole bunch of us agreeing that you can Lose Weight By Eating More, Not Less.

It’s like I said elsewhere:

Now, what happens when people are eating hundreds of calories more per day, from the foods that they like to eat instead of following some restrictive list of what’s “good” and what’s “bad”, including ice cream, pizza or whatever else they feel like… and they actually get BETTER results than they did before? Better performance at training or in sport, and in the changes in body composition they’ve been trying to create?

I’ll tell you what happens; they get happy. Very, very happy.

If all this sounds like something you’re interested in… well, the free program here will tell you how to do it. Or, head over to my official business site and watch this video where I talk about my Custom Flexible Dieting Guidelines, which you can sign up as part of my world famous Flexible Fueling Online Coaching Program.


Author: davehpt

I'm DaveHPT, Maybe you've heard of me? Musician, rock star and recording artist. Published author. Former security industry professional. Personal Trainer, Online Coach and the INNOVATOR in Sports Nutrition.

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