oh dear god help me, there’s a NEW Atkins diet now.



Maaaaaaaaan I can’t believe it. I’m sitting in front of the tv getting hydrated before training the other day, and an ad comes on for “the NEW Atkins diet”.


It’s amazing how just the other week I made a post about how “the industry” keeps repackaging the same old shit that didn’t work last year or in this case 20 years ago and telling people “no no no, we know it didn’t work last time and actually made you even fatter and more convinced that you’re not supposed to be normal sized like other human beings but three hundred and sixty three times is the charm and this time it’s going to work, I swear to god”.

What a load of bollocks. This nonsense needs to be left in the 90s and forgotten about along with vajazzling (what was that all about?) and grunge music.

Let’s look at this from a different angle though since I’ve covered the “you’re either getting about the right amount of calories on average, or you aint” thing about 5 million times already. Let’s look at this from a financial angle. How’s the value for money on these products?

I was shopping for eggs and milk and tofu the other day and I decided to sneak a look at the so called “health foods” aisle to see how much these Atkins products go for. I snapped a photo for evidence.

Atkins Diet Is A Rip Off


Have a look at that for crying out loud. $7.40 per 100g, and half this stuff is fat anyway. Not saying that fat is bad… but what is the purpose of a protein shake in the context of a weight loss plan? We need to get up to an appropriate over all calorie intake, and within that intake we need to get an adequate amount of protein. Now if you don’t have the appetite to hit that total intake target, or you’re just falling a bit short of the target protein ratio, a shake is a good way to make up the difference. But not so much when the shake isn’t a pure protein shake or at least a Whey Protein Concentrate.

Now back to talking about value for money. Compare this price to what I paid recently at the gym for two 900 gram tubs of the most delicious Whey Protein Isolate… total of $60 for the two tubs, which works out to about three bucks per 100 grams. Less than half the price of the Atkins brand…. and to be honest… I’d normally buy my WPI in a much larger tub for an even better price because my calorie requirements are kind of preposterous.

Also, that’s for close enough to 100% protein as well. Something closer to the macro ratio found in the Atkins product would be sold in the gym as a Mass Gainer and would be cheaper than a protein isolate because… well, it’s not all protein. It’s protein plus whatever else they put in to make it taste nice and bump up the total calories. Cheaper to make.

Regardless of the price though… don’t get sucked in by this scam. The implication is that this stuff makes you lose weight because it is low carb or because it has Atkins written on it or something… and we all know by now that this is absolute rot.

You will lose weight by determining an appropriate range of total calories and balance of macronutrients, and then staying reasonably close to that target more often than not. Brand names are irrelevant.

If this aint all the extra proof you needed that all these fucking motherfuckers want to do is take your money and keep you exactly where you are, well…. I dunno what to tell you right now but subscribe for updates because I’m sure there’ll be another new example again next month.


Author: davehpt

I'm DaveHPT, Maybe you've heard of me? Musician, rock star and recording artist. Published author. Former security industry professional. Personal Trainer and Weight Management Architect Of Awesomeness. Problem Solver.

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