Calling out diet and exercise commitmentphobes

First up there’s a dozen ways you can achieve your goal body type. You don’t necessarily have to do it my way. But with that being said… I got… gawd… dozens and dozens of people doing my programs and especially the ones who are on custom recommendations but also people just following the advice in my free program are all saying stuff like for example

  • i never thought I’d be as happy with my body as I am now.
  • I’m eating MORE and making better progress than when I was starving.
  • I don’t feel guilty about eating any more.
  • and so on.

Some of ’em are the girls you’re all reblogging their pics saying they’re your goal body and writing to them saying they’re your inspiration and so on.

Well… this shit didn’t happen over night. Some people had to fix their issues with food, some had to repair a messed up metabolism from yoyo dieting in the past, some had other issues with confidence or whatever. Where ever you’re coming from and where ever you want to get to, it takes time. But with a consistent effort following the right strategy, success is assured and inevitable.

Now for a lot of other people who’s blogs I follow, and this includes some of you who I chat to and am quite friendly with… you’re putting in the effort but the issue is with the consistency and the strategy. That is… you’re doing this diet plan for a few weeks, and then changing to that one. From IIFYM to paleo to IF to vegetarian to this to that again. Similarly you are doing this exercise program for a few weeks, then switching to something else, then trying something different again.

The problem is that we have all these messages in the media and advertising leading people to believe that quick results are good and if something is going to work, it’s going to work quickly.

This is usually not the case, at all.

You must understand the difference between a RESPONSE and an ADAPTATION to diet and exercise.

For example, if you go for a run; a RESPONSE might be that you break into a sweat and start puffing and panting. An ADAPTATION would be improved lung capacity and cardiovascular fitness, allowing you to become more efficient and improve performance at running.

One is immediate and temporary, the other takes some time and is longer lasting.

Now in terms of diet and exercise for weight loss… what most people do is cut back on calories to the lowest level they can struggle through the day on, and then try to burn off as many calories as possible through high intensity exercise. What often happens in response is a drop in weight due to a change in the energy balance; aka – more calories out, less calories in.

Good. That’s what we want, right? NO. PAY CLOSER ATTENTION.

That’s a RESPONSE to changing the balance of energy through restrictive dieting and high intensity exercise. The LONG TERM ADAPTATION the body has to make under these conditions is to CONSERVE energy aka hold on to those fat stores and add more whenever it has a chance. Less fuel in, more energy out… it HAS TO ADAPT.

This is why so many of the largest of the large, super-hyper-mega-obese people will tell you they got that way through yoyo dieting. And so many of the “just regular” hyper-obese people will also tell you all about how many “crazy” diets they’ve tried without success.

Contrary to what you’ll be told elsewhere by motherfucken scumbags who are making millions off of such approaches, products and programs. That. Shit. Does. Not. Work.

By now you should be able to put all of this together and work out where I’m heading with this. I do not do ANYTHING with a view to merely producing a short term RESPONSE (especially one that will backfire in the longer term). I am interested in producing an ADAPTATION to appropriate fuelling and strategic training.

So… a few of you who’ve started the free program and then switched back to something else after a few weeks because they didn’t see results right away… read this a couple of times to correct your misunderstanding about the point of training. Some people DO see amazing results over night, usually in response to increasing calorific intake to a more appropriate level. For others there is more damage to undo, and more time is required. Regardless, with patience you will be successful.

You must adopt the most effective strategy to meet your goal (whether it is my program for weight and body composition, something similar that you like better, or something different to achieve some other performance goal) and you must STICK WITH IT for long enough to make that positive adaptation to training.


Author: davehpt

I'm DaveHPT, Maybe you've heard of me? Musician, rock star and recording artist. Published author. Former security industry professional. Personal Trainer and Weight Management Architect Of Awesomeness. Problem Solver.

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