The Truth About Fat Burning Foods

I can sum this up in one sentence: Almost entirely irrelevant, but over emphasised by people who want to confuse you, seem more clever than they really are, and trick you into handing over your cash.

I posted about Flexible Dieting vs Clean Eating  last week, and it’s like I said over there; I have no problem with people doing clean eating, paleo, caveman, whatever other diet plan they want to do, so long as it meet their nutritional needs. What I do have a problem with is people who already have a bad relationship with food being told the ONLY way they can lose weight and get into shape is with a highly restrictive diet with a whole bunch of rules that only furthers their issues with food.

So there’s two sides of this problem. One side is the scumbags selling these restrictive approaches direct to the consumer, and the other side is the people convincing well intentioned trainers that they need to get some sort of “certificate in bro-science” in order to help their clients lose weight. Somewhere in there you’ve got the somewhat self righteous and condescending “don’t count calories you should be focusing on nutrition” type trainers as well.

What I think about these sorts of trainers is that they’re lacking any real empathy for their clients. Sure, people should improve their micronutritional intake through introducing more vegetables into their diet. But they have to do it all in one hit, get it 100% right, cut out anything and everything they ever ate just for enjoyment, or they can’t lose weight? And you really expect the average person to pull this off over night? No chance. It’s not even required anyway.

I got a question for the “don’t count calories just eat clean” people.

When you or your client hits a plateau and isn’t making any progress… what do you do? Just eat “cleaner”? Keep eating clean but eat less? That’d be a change in calorific intake then, wouldn’t it?

We’ve talked a lot on this site about how eating too little is just as bad as eating too much. We’ve talked about how your nutritional requirements are going to change as your performance at training improves, and you need more fuel and more resources for recovery and adaptation. When there’s a stall in progress, you need to crunch the numbers again and make an new interpretation using your mighty human brain just like I described in my Eat More, Do Less, Lose Weight article from a while back. If you want results from training, you need to ensure adequate and appropriate intake of calories from each of the macronutrient groups.

Now as to “fat burning foods” that supposedly have thermogenic effects or produce a hormonal response more suitable for fat loss… well… maybe they exist, but if you aint getting the right amount of calories they aren’t going to make a lick of difference. If you’re getting the right amount of calories AND getting most of them from these magical foods that only these self appointed nutrition gurus on the internet know about (and keep in mind, real nutritionists echo my “enjoy a variety of foods to meet your requirements” sentiment)… well… I concede that you might get ,,, who knows, 3? 5 percent better results than simply hitting your macros alone. Maybe? Who knows. The point is that despite what these idiots will tell you, you can lose weight and get into better shape than about 95% of the population simply by hitting your macros and training effectively.

VInce Delmonte Scam

These guys know this, but they’re trying to act like there is some magical, secret formula that only they know about, to make money from vulnerable people or from struggling trainers. For all of their denying of the importance of calories… well, here’s a little screen shot of one of the biggest pushers of this “calories don’t count” nonsense getting caught out (and keep in mind this is the same guy who made a video telling young guys that jerking off robs you of muscle mass, too. In case you thought he was actually a credible source of information. I mean GOD, really?)

He says it right there. It does come back to total calories. They do this whole song and dance about “IIFYM is crap, flexible dieting doesn’t work, without this magical combination of special foods that only we know about it, nothing will work”… but then they give you calorie targets to meet your individual requirements. Exactly as per IIFYM.

Make no mistake, IIFYM & Flexible Dieting works. Anyone trying to tell you otherwise to sell you some other plan is a scammer.

Oh yeah… my own comments in that facebook page was deleted and resulted in me being banned from the page. What a shame.


Like I keep saying, I hate these fucken idiots. Putting out all of this FALSE information is a big part of why there is such a problem not only with weight related health problems in the world, but also why binge eating disorders are on the rise. These people need to take a good look at themselves, especially this guy DelMonte who thinks he is a Christian.

Remind me, was Jesus famous for selling snake oil to sick and vulnerable people, or did he sacrifice of himself to help them? I’m not very smart so I get confused about these things.


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I'm DaveHPT, Maybe you've heard of me? Musician, rock star and recording artist. Published author. Former security industry professional. Personal Trainer, Online Coach and the INNOVATOR in Sports Nutrition.

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