Green Coffee Bean Extract as seen on Dr Oz

Good god. All of a sudden I’m inundated with spam from “the doctor oz newsletter” on various of my email accounts. My dhpt account, my account linked to my music website… all of them. Now clearly these aren’t coming from Dr Oz himself but spammers are using his name to try seem like they’re a legitimate product and not just spammers and scam artists.

And you know me. If idiots are STUPID enough to spam ME of all people… their scam is going to get EXPOSED right here.

As for Dr Oz, man… I almost felt bad for the guy, with all these unscrupulous business people tarnishing his reputation associating him with their scam products. First it was the “tumblr diet” people, and now these jerks. Probably actually the same people? Possibly anyway.

That was until I checked out the domain the spam email pointed to… and sure enough there’s Dr Oz on his show once again, talking up this miracle cure product. He actually says it’s a “miracle” and “magic cure”. He actually uses those words.

Now you guys know my message by now, right? People are supposed to be normal sized, they’re not supposed to be carrying loads of extra fat. Under normal, natural conditions… that is, eating “about the right amount” and not having an entirely sedentary lifestyle, people  are normal sized. How do we get to a point as a society where we actually believe we’re all desperately holding out for some “magical miracle cure” or even a legit medical break through that will finally allow us to be normal sized and healthy? Normal sized and healthy is how we’re designed to be, by god, nature, the aliens or deity of your choice.

This is undeniable. We’re supposed to be normal sized.

That an actual doctor (and not just one for that matter) is promoting these scam products and propagating these unhealthy, dis empowering ideas that being “normal sized” requires some kind of miracle is beyond disturbing.

The good people over at the Science Based Medicine website have a really good, detailed article discussing this product, how it was presented on the Dr Oz show, and the highly dubious claims they have made based on some highly dubious “research”. Go check that out for more about the Green Coffee Bean Extract As Seen On Dr Oz Show.

I’ll quote a couple of paragraphs in particular because as the saying goes, “I couldn’t have said it better myself”.

This clinical trial makes a mockery of good research methodology. As a clinician scientist, Dr. Oz knows the evidence bar for good research. This made-for-TV trial doesn’t even come close. The idea of doing a clinical trial on green coffee bean extract is a good one. And the Dr. Oz show certainly has the resources to fund a proper evaluation. So why design it in a way that will guarantee meaningless results? If he truly believes that this was a fair and ethical test of green coffee bean extract, I invite the Dr. Oz show to prove it: Show us the IRB approval, show the consent forms, give us the pre- and post-test comparison of the two groups, describe the randomization, show all the collected data, and show us the statistical analysis that let to the conclusion that green coffee bean actually works as a weight loss product. And I’ll happily write up a follow-up post heralding the first non-prescription product ever to generate meaningful weight loss despite no changes in dietary consumption and exercise. I’m not going to hold my breath.


Despite the impression given by Oz, the laws of thermodynamics hold, even on daytime television. There is no magical product that allows you to eat whatever you want, hold your calorie expenditure constant, and still lose weight. Weight changes are driven by by overall calorie intake and expenditure, so weight loss is always a consequence of a negative balance.  In the case of the Dr. Oz study, weight loss in both groups was almost certainly due to food journaling of calories, and a heightened awareness of calorie intake simply from being in a clinical trial. In fact, Oz goes on to recommend the food diary as an acceptable alternative to those that don’t want to purchase green coffee bean extract, which may be the most sensible statement he makes in the entire episode.



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