It’s time for a half yearly update

What a year so far! Can you believe it is officially half way over?

I’d have to say this has probably been… actually scratch that, without question this has been my most successful year to date, and the momentum is just starting to build towards even more success in the future. A large part of this is due to the success of the DHPT Online Coaching Via Email system that I launched at the start of the year, as well as now being officially certified, approved and recommended at Doherty’s Gym for Personal Training In Brunswick.

I’ve managed to hit some performance and body composition goals of my own in the first 6 months of this year, but the far bigger story is the progress and results my clients have achieved locally and all around the world. Just as a few examples, we’re talking about young ladies following my Ultimate Body Sculpting program via email who’ve gotten such great results we’re seeing their progress photos all over the web being used to promote other people’s diet and exercise programs! You can go check in with them via my facebook page though and get the real story on how they got those amazing results.

We could talk about an other Online Coaching client who started with one of my free resistance training programs here on the website, and has since taken out 6 state records in power lifting. Or we could talk about the great progress my local clients are making towards better health, functional fitness and their goal weight and body type.

All of this is only the physical aspect and perhaps what I am most proud of is the changes that people report in with in regard to self confidence, self belief and over all quality of life. These changes happen not just due to physiological changes, but from forging a new identity of being someone who has what it takes to get up and work hard for what they want and deserve in life. It comes from taking the correct course of action and reaping the rewards for your efforts in terms of a stronger, healthier body that has been sculpted like a work of art.

Of course the people who have actually purchased the Online Coaching package and follow it diligently are getting the most amazing results, but there are also dozens reporting in with great results simply from following my free introductory resistance program.  Perhaps best of all is that all of these people are becoming ambassadors for weight loss, body sculpting and fitness programs that are based on a healthy, flexible and moderate approach, rather than dangerous and restrictive fad diets. Long time followers of this blog will know that this is something I am very passionate about, and now to have young people writing in to me to let me know that they have started eating an appropriate amount and variety of foods for the first time in a long time, without feeling guilty about it, and seeing positive changes in both their body and emotional health as a result… well, what can I even say about that?

Mission accomplished.

So at this point I want to congratulate everyone at Brunswick, everyone I’m coaching online, and everyone who’s doing the free program for all your consistent efforts, for following a sensible and healthy approach, and for all of the tremendous results you’re achieving. Thank you for believing in me, and for setting a positive example for others.

This month’s special.

Since it’s a new month and also the half way point of the year, it’s time for a new special offer. How’d you like to save $100 a month on Personal Training with me at Doherty’s Gym?

Some conditions apply, hit the contact form and ask me how to qualify for this genuinely, legitimately, absolutely unbeatable offer.

Author: davehpt

I'm DaveHPT, Maybe you've heard of me? Musician, rock star and recording artist. Published author. Former security industry professional. Personal Trainer, Online Coach and the INNOVATOR in Sports Nutrition.

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