FAQ aka This Is What It Takes

This image is getting posted all over the web pushing various programs and products. Guess who's program she's actually doing though? Go ask her.
This image is getting posted all over the web pushing various programs and products. Guess who’s program she’s actually doing though? Go ask her.

Business and this site in particular have really taken off recently, which means I’m spending a lot more time answering questions via facebook, tumblr and occasionally email. That’s cool, but actually kind of weird considering there’s a whole program here that tells you everything you need to know and then some. A lot of the time people are asking something that I’ve written 1 or 2000 words on in the program already. I’m not sure if they just want a more concise answer… some seem to think maybe there’s a different answer I might give to them personally that isn’t what’s in the program here.

Similarly since a few of my girls posted their amazing progress / transformation pics to my facebook, and then they got picked up and reposted by various “fitness motivation” type pages and so… people I actually know from real life have noticed and started asking for advice as well.

Before and after my 12 week Coaching Via Email program. If you are thinking "but she had a nice body" you are completely missing the point.
Also one of mine! Look at that finely sculpted figure and that muscle definition!

All of that is good, but whatever question you have got is almost certainly covered in detail and in plain English in the free program right here. And in case it wasn’t obvious, the free exercise program here is how I think… no, it’s how I KNOW people should train. Or to be more accurate, it’s an introduction to how I think people should train, with a movement based resistance training program. It leads nicely into my Power, Precision & Pump system that comes in my DHPT Coaching Via Email program, and that’s what you should really be doing if you want to replicate the sort of results you’re seeing in those client transformation pictures.

So, if you ask me something and you haven’t already read my free program… it’s about 90% certain my answer is going to be “start with my free program then check in with me in  two weeks”. Other than that though… here’s my answers to other frequently asked questions.

I just want to tone up around [this particular area], what do you recommend?

You need to train full body, with heavy ass weights. You can’t “spot reduce” or “tone up” for example around the waist just by doing crunches or other abdominal exercises. You can’t get a butt like in the photos on this page just by doing bodyweight squats like a lot of people seem to think. You need to train your whole body to increase lean mass at the expense of fat, and you do this by smashing some heavy ass weights up and down in a balanced, methodical program.

Also, you need to hit your target calorie and macronutrient ratios with reasonable consistency.

I don’t want to count calories though.

If you want to lose weight or gain weight, you need to consume the right amount of calories. That might mean more than you’re currently eating, or it might mean less. Even if you want to stay the same weight but improve body composition, you must ensure adequate nutrition to fuel, recover and adapt to training. There is nothing hard about this with the help of modern technology, and if you refuse to do it you greatly reduce your chances of success. Exercise without adequate nutrition can actually be detrimental to your health and take you further away from your goal body.

If I count calories I’ll end up over restricting.

Sometimes the questions are actually statements. Why would you end up over restricting if I give you a “do not go below this amount” instruction? You’re saying you’ll deliberately ignore my recommendation and eat less, even after reading my program where I explain in great detail how important it is to eat “the right amount” rather than as little as possible?

I can’t understand this at all.

I want to do your program, but I only want to do this part / this often / because I also want to do this other stuff.

You can do whatever you want, but if you want the results the people on my program get you need to actually do my program. When you take this or that part out, do other stuff instead, do it half as often or whatever else… you’re not doing my program any more and I can’t predict what results you will or will not see.

All sorts of other stuff too, but generally speaking it’s “I want to do your program but I want to do it like this”, and I can tell people get a bit pissed off when I won’t tell them “yep, sounds good. Do that”. I designed the program the way I did because that’s how I want people to train, because that’s how I can deliver results. You can’t negotiate with me as if I have a CHOICE on what is or isn’t going to work and all I gotta do is say “yes”.

Bottom line:

The people in these transformation photos got results by following the macronutrient guidelines I gave them, and lifting some heavy ass weights up and down in the context of my Power, Precision & Pump training program. A program I designed to produce exactly those results. If you want to be as successful as they have been, you need to do the same thing. This is not something that’s up for negotiation, and it’s not just because I’m stubborn or unreasonable or whatever else.

If you want the results, you have to do what it takes.

This is what it takes. Start with the free program here.


Author: davehpt

I'm DaveHPT, Maybe you've heard of me? Musician, rock star and recording artist. Published author. Former security industry professional. Personal Trainer, Online Coach and the INNOVATOR in Sports Nutrition.

2 thoughts on “FAQ aka This Is What It Takes”

  1. Hey love that I randomly stumbled on this. First thanks for giving us a FREE programme. I am waiting for the morning to start Day one of Pushing. And have read the entire thing. I have just one question. I’m a female and have seen the above results which are amazing. Just slightly worried about ‘bulking’ up like a man. As I’m a broad chic already. Is this cool for guys and women? I love heavy weights but so many are saying beware you,ll look like a man!!! Which I obviously don’t want.

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