The Tumblr Diet

Another day, another scam product and spam campaign to take on. Have you guys seen this one?



I saw it enough times that I got irritated, so I decided to investigate. I head to the site in the link, and to my complete lack of surprise it’s a spam site selling a magical cure, complete with a video of Dr Oz talking about the product.

I’m going to give you the top three ways to spot a scam weight loss product, right here:

  1. They employ professional spammers to… well, to spam social networking and blogging sites with links to their stupid product.
  2. If you google the product name, you find page after page of “it’s not a scam” or “is it a scam?” or “do not buy until you read this” type reviews  all of which turn out to be an obvious sales pitch rather than an actual objective review or article.
  3. Dr Oz is in anyway involved.

So I watch the video from Dr Oz and I swear to god… I worked in security for 10 years and developed a pretty bad anger management problem. If I had been in the audience of that show, I would have found it extremely difficult to resist marching onto the stage and slapping the head clean off of that scumbag’s shoulders.

He starts off with the usual “how can I lose fat without spending literally every moment of the day exercising, and constantly dieting?”. Cocksucker are you for real? Because that’s actually what you, an actual MD think is required to get into shape? As an MD as well as a TV celebrity who for some reason is seen as an authority on health issues… it is DISGUSTING to me that this guy panders to these sort of bullshit excuses that people think they have for not being able to get into shape.

To get into shape requires 2 things.

  1. Exercise strategically for around an hour a day. You could do it in less but in my opinion an hour is optimal.
  2. Consume an amount of calories (aka food) that is not excessive.

That’s it. Not “spend all day exercising” or “constantly diet”.

How the hell does an actual MD have so little integrity as to tell people anything more than those two things are required. I suppose when you are making a fortune from advertising, product endorsements and so on… integrity can get pushed aside pretty easily.

So on this website they take about how this stupid product will make you lose weight even without diet and exercise. To be fair, the lady doctor on the video says it should be used to get a little extra benefit from adopting a healthy lifestyle aka appropriate intake & exercise.. but on the website it’s another one of these miracle “just pop this pill, absolutely no further effort or lifestyle change is required” type scams.

Again in point form, people are overweight for the following reasons.

  1. Consistently eating too much.
  2. Destroying their metabolism and hormonal balance through chronic under eating.
  3. Quite possibly also from yo yo dieting aka going from one extreme to another.
  4. I’ll concede in some cases there could be medical issues unrelated to nutritional habits.

In any of those cases… taking this supplement but not changing anything else is going to be enough to lose all of that weight? BULLSHIT. If you’re still eating too much, you’re still eating too much. If your metabolism is shot from yo yo dieting, it is going to take more than a supplement to fix it; you’re going to need to restore the hormonal balance through appropriate nutrition and exercise. If you have other medical issues… the lady doctor in the video says this thing will help, but only in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle.

So basically the claims of the website are bullshit. Calling it “the tumblr diet” is bullshit because it’s not even a diet in the first place and besides that, tumblr people are probably doing MY program on THIS site already anyway so suck shit, cunts.

OH the demonstration of how it “works” in the video as well. Have you ever seen anything more ludicrous? This supplement stops your liver from storing calories as fat, and lets you use it for energy instead? You know what actually does stop your liver from storing calories as fat? Not consuming an excessive amount, aka more than are required for energy and/or adaptation to exercise. Any more than that amount is going to be stored as fat.


Author: davehpt

I'm DaveHPT, Maybe you've heard of me? Musician, rock star and recording artist. Published author. Former security industry professional. Personal Trainer, Online Coach and the INNOVATOR in Sports Nutrition.

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