The Five Bite Diet by Dr Alwyn Lewis MD

Alright. On this blog I’ve called out all sorts of dodgy diets, for a variety of reasons. Some of them (Fat Loss Factor in particular) it’s about how they use spam floods and target vulnerable people, others (like Tracy Anderson) because they are genuinely dangerous and damaging, proscribing inadequate nutritional intake and beyond excessive calorie restriction closely resembling the habits of someone with a diagnosable eating disorder.

Some of the other diets I’ve called out, it’s more like “ok, I could see how that would work, but it’s way more complicated and unpleasant than is required and I could see people turning it into an excessively restrictive starvation diet”. Again, the concern is that promoting the idea of ultra low calorie intake as a method of “healthy” weight loss validates the sort of thoughts eating disorder victims suffer from.

Rather than teaching people to avoid food, or suggesting that anything difficult or complicated is required, responsible people should be advising as follows: determine the ideal amount to maintain good health at your healthy goal weight, and then consume that amount.

It’s about the right amount of food, not “as little as possible”. Right?

So what about this “five bite diet”, that’s actually put out by an MD? It should be quite sensible and healthy, right?

If that’s what you were thinking, you could not possibly be more wrong. Of all the dodgy, dangerous diets I’ve called out already… I actually heard about this one a month or two ago and decided NOT to write about it, because it is literally SO BAD I did not want to draw attention to it.

Seriously, it is THAT bad. It’s as bad as the pro-anorexia diets (that I won’t name) put out (and taken up) by teenage girls who are suffering from serious issues, but it is put out by an actual doctor. Now that I’ve noticed it is starting to do the rounds on tumblr, I have no choice to but to expose it for what it is. Dangerous, damaging and entirely irresponsible.

Here’s what this fkn jerkoff Dr Alwyn actually believes and promotes:

  • All human beings should be BMI 18 for aesthetic and health reasons.
  • Skip breakfast.
  • Literally “eat five bites of any food” for lunch and for dinner.
  • There is no difference between five bites of a snickers bar and five bites of a steak.

I swear to god, that’s what this fucking motherfucker is telling people.

Now, I do believe in the BMI as you know. But the BMI has a range of about 15kg that is considered “normal” weight depending on your height and age. Different people can fall anywhere within that range based on their genetic make up and lifestyle. However, BMI 18 is quite literally the lowest score on that “normal, healthy” range, and any lower is officially cause for concern for health reasons. So, this actual doctor is saying that quite literally “bordering on underweight, any lower and there are health implications” is more healthy than say BMI 21 or 23? And people should be set on hitting a very specific BMI score rather than just being somewhere within the healthy range?

Ugh. Have a look at these screenshots from his twitter.

Oh man I just got SO angry as I pasted all of those in. How can any grown adult put out such dangerous nonsense? I have never heard of anything so bad. Worse than Tracy Anderson even.

Oh I almost forgot my favourite screenshot though ;o) hehehe

Search for it in the tags on tumblr. It’s no surprise that virtual every post I found (aside from ones from sensible people who are outraged at its existence) tagged “fivebitediet” are also tagged “pro-ana”. And this comes from an actual Doctor.

This fkn idiot cunt of a man should be struck off the medical register for… it’s not even negligence, it is beyond that. Wilful and deliberate damage of people’s physical and mental health. They should lock people up for this shit.

Fuck this guy. I’m gonna go order the largest pizza they make and eat the whole thing. And I won’t gain weight from it either.


Author: davehpt

I'm DaveHPT, Maybe you've heard of me? Musician, rock star and recording artist. Published author. Former security industry professional. Personal Trainer and Weight Management Architect Of Awesomeness. Problem Solver.

9 thoughts on “The Five Bite Diet by Dr Alwyn Lewis MD”

  1. I just heard about this and actually thought it was an April Fools Day joke. Holy crap. Thank God there are people out here calling BS on this, like you. The problem is that he has 103 followers on his CLOSED (go figure) facebook group. People, some people, are listening to this garbage. I want to see this man’s credentials.

    1. getting SMASHED with hits today… apparently he was just on the Dr Oz show promoting this dangerous and disordered nonsense?
      Will be interested / concerned to see how that went down. I think Oz is a total cunt but surely even he wouldn’t condone this atrocity?

    1. Good!

      Still though… why put it on TV in the first place? Why even put the idea of something so harmful into people’s heads in the first place?
      It’s all about ratings and dollars. These people just don’t care about anything else.

  2. Pro anorexic my ass! I am 55 and have gained a little weight because of middle age spread yes I do work out no I don’t crap my food yet I cannot lose the 15 to 20 pounds that I put on. I am going to do this as a matter of fact I started my first day yesterday. I went through it with no problem I just want to lose some weight. As far as Dr. Oz, I am sick and tired of his bullshit with him trying to sell people different diet pills and swears that they work. They don’t! Why is Dr. Oz telling a different story about a different pill every day? I’ll tell you more, because he is endorsing those pills and getting paid for them first it is raspberry ketones, green coffee beans, then this, then that I’m sick of it. He is getting paid for this that he endorses on his show.

    1. why wouldn’t you just eat an amount suitable to maintaining your goal weight taking your age and lifestyle into account? Rather than trying to starve the weight off to the detriment of your health?

    1. No it isn’t.
      People who want to lose weight should do so by establishing sustainable, appropriate eating habits and activity levels. Starvation diets only lead to further weight gain, unless you continue to starve which leads to anorexia and death. I do not throw these words around lightly. This “diet” plain and simple is pro-anorexia.

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