Paleo fad diet debunked by archeologist

I made a post last week about promoters and proponents of the various “paleo” fad diets rewriting history to push their nonsense. A lot of people do get great results with a so called paleo diet, and that’s great. The main problem I have with it however, is that is often pushed on people in a manner that resembles eating disorder logic, in my opinion.

As far as weight loss goes, telling people that they need to avoid entire food groups, entire macronutrient groups, and be overly concerned about things like insulin response or the specific micronutritional content of individual food choices (for example grains) is tantamount to promoting an eating disorder (orthorexia) mentality.

I always come back to the fruit thing… if you’re telling people directly (of if they can infer it indirectly) that they need to limit fruit take because of the insulin response to carbohydrates… that is unquestionably putting eating disorder type thoughts inside someone else’s head. It is entirely unnecessary for weight management, and it can be very unhealthy on a psychological level.

So the principles of the paleo fad diet (and it is just another fad diet someone is making a fortune from, make no mistake) are as follows:

  1. We should eat a meat based high protein, high fat diet just like our stone age ancestors did.
  2. Our caveman ancestors would have had low carbohydrate diets. Human beings do not require carbs.
  3. Never, ever, EVER eat grains. No one ever did before recent times when obesity levels also sky rocketed through the roof.

and so on.

I already posted a great video from an ACTUAL (highly qualified) NUTRITIONIST (and note the distinction here from host of self appointed experts on the internet selling opposing views) explaining why we do require a moderate to high carbohydrate intake. If you missed that one; here’s the link: Nutritionist Says Cutting Carbs Reduces Life Expectancy

Now, I’ll go one better.

Here’s an ACTUAL ARCHAEOLOGIST debunking all of these falsified and fabricated myths about what palaeolithic human beings actually ate.


So here’s where I stand on this paleo thing.

If you want to do a paleo fad diet and recommend it to other people, fine. But do so on the basis that it includes a lot of nutritious whole foods, fresh vegetables, lean meats and excludes processed junk foods, sodas and the like. But DO NOT tell people “it is the only way you can lose weight, because it’s how humans are supposed to eat like the cavemen did”. Because that’s a load of absolute bollocks.

Oh and throw a couple of potatoes in as well to get your carbohydrate intake up to a healthy level.

Update: my good friend and Canada’s #1 Trainer Cat Smiley has just written guest post on this subject over on my main business site. Filed under “Meat Eating Hippies and The Paleo Diet“.


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