Women In The Weight Room

Here’s a post I’ve been meaning to write up for a while now, for all the ladies out there who are doing my program, or any other weights based program, or maybe aren’t doing it just yet but would like to start.

Possibly the most common concern I hear from women is that they feel intimidated about heading into the free weights section, because typically that’s male dominated territory and they feel like the gym bros might be offended by their presence,or something. I’m gonna hit you over the head with some truth and logic in the next few paragraphs. First up and perhaps most importantly, this is about YOU, not them. You’re paying your membership fees the same as anyone else, and going in there to put in your best effort and do what it takes, to take what you want from life. That means getting healthy, sculpting your goal body, boosting your confidence and being a happier person. If anyone has a problem with that they can go fuck themselves! That’s what I think.

Now, it’s unlikely to be an issue anyway. Serious people in the gym are either focussed on their own session to the point where they barely notice other people, OR they’re happily enjoying training and pleased to see other people sharing the same interest. If you feel like the experienced lifters have noticed your presence in the weight room, it’s more likely that they’re trying to decide if (as a beginner) you’d be pleased to have them offer some advice, or not. PRO TIP, if someone looks like they probably know what they’re taking about, take whatever advice they offer on board. There’s a million strategies that will get results so you don’t necessarily have to change everything you’re doing every time someone makes a suggestion, but if they look like they know their stuff at least hear them out and consider it.

SO your choices are… earplugs in blasting some heavy metal (other music is not an acceptable option haha) into your brain, focus on training, mind your business and others will do the same, OR be approachable, listen to advice from people who seem experienced and knowledgeable (unless it goes against anything you’ve learned here!). Either way, get stuck into a serious training program like Power, Precision & Pump and you will EARN RESPECT. You’re not in their just wasting your time with some nonsense “workout” and getting in the way of the serious people… you ARE one of the serious people. Regardless of your current size,weight or ability level… you’re in there putting a serious effort into a serious program to get serious results. People will respect that, and if they don’t… who cares what they think? What sort of insecure,immature people would they have to be to think “this is just for us, we don’t want other people here doing what we do”. Remember the saying, a lion does not care about the opinions of sheep!

Ok. Enough talk. Tomorrow you storm into the weight room, claim it as your territory (shared with everyone else, of course!) and take what you want out of life. And anyone who doesn’t like it can step out of the way or get stepped all over!

And this right here is what it looks like.


Author: davehpt

I'm DaveHPT, Maybe you've heard of me? Musician, rock star and recording artist. Published author. Former security industry professional. Personal Trainer, Online Coach and the INNOVATOR in Sports Nutrition.

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