Another Online Personal Training Success Story

Early days yet, but here’s a message from another satisfied customer.


Pretty damn good for just two weeks in, right?

What’s interesting and important about all of the success stories and testimonials I’ve posted so far, is that they all come from people who’ve already lost a substantial amount of weight on their own, but then hit a plateau and not seen any further progress. This is quite normal and I’ve written about how to address it in the past. But the point here is, a lot of weight loss programs will promise huge results in the first few weeks, and through extremely low calories and / or excessive amounts of exercise they can deliver them in the form of a large drop in water weight.

My people have long since passed that initial “water weight” stage though. This means that the results my people are reporting in with is legitimate fat loss, without starvation diets, meal replacements or any scams or gimmicks.

What else?

Re-read that message once more. It confirms what I have been saying about learning your ideal intake, and then hitting “reasonably close” to that amount more often than not. Also you might be interested to know that this is on a vegetarian diet. The closer we get to our goal, the more we’ll need to tighten up on those macros but at this stage (and this will apply to most people reading this) there’s no point stressing out about it. Reasonably close is good enough.

Oh you want one more?

Here’s a “before and during” photo from another lady doing my DHPT Coaching Via Email Program and making me proud!

Weight Loss Before And After


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