Weight Loss Specialist In Melbourne, Australia

Weight Loss Specialist In BrunswickI gotta tell you, I’m so happy with much traffic this site is getting. The wordpress set up tells me how many visits, what country they’re from, how they found their way here and so on. So, if you’ve shared a link to this site on your tumblr or other blog… I know about it and I appreciate it! Hopefully between me writing the content and you all sharing the link, we are helping a lot of people to avoid scams, stay away from dangerous and unhealthy methods, and to actually achieve their goal body type.

Personal Training In Melbourne.

Now for anyone in (or near to) Brunswick, or anyone who works in Melbourne CBD you should know that you can come and train with me in person and get unbeatable results in weight loss and body sculpting.

Now you guys know I am not about peddling easy answers, so my services are only available to people who are serious about results and willing to turn up and train regularly. I’m not one of those “oh you only want to train for one half hour per week? Sure, you can achieve your goal like that! Sign here!” type trainers. If you’re not ready to get results, I’m not going to lie to you to get your money.

So, I want serious people who want to train most days (if not every day) of the week, but I need to make it affordable as well. For most people, the cost of hiring a Personal Trainer five days per week every week is just out of the question. So I had to figure out, how can I give people enough to make absolutely sure that each and every one of them achieves their goal, and make it affordable, and still be able to make a living without working a million hours per week?

Here’s how.

With a mix of Personal Training and Online Personal Training similar to my Coaching Via Email program available right here on the Lose Weight No Bullshit site.

I have a package available for people who want to work with me every day which is more affordable than you might expect, but the recommended package is 2 Personal Training Sessions with me per week, plus my instructions for training unsupervised 3 days per week. And of course my custom nutrition guidelines, education, motivation and ongoing support.

Full details are on the business blog. File under Best Results and Best Value Personal Training In Brunswick.

You’ll also find all the details of my brand new referral system on that page. So, if you have friends who want to train, you all get a nice discount.


I work from the world famous Doherty’s 24/7 Gym In Brunswick. If you work in the city, why not train with me twice each week in Brunswick, and then head to Doherty’s city location for the rest of the week?

Business Listings:

You never know when you might find a special offer on one of these!


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I'm DaveHPT, Maybe you've heard of me? Musician, rock star and recording artist. Published author. Former security industry professional. Personal Trainer and Weight Management Architect Of Awesomeness. Problem Solver.

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