Your weight loss plan is probably shit.

Online Weight Loss CoachOk let’s start at the beginning.

Assuming you are actually significantly overweight or obese and trying to lose weight, you should be losing about a kilogram (call it 2lbs) per week. That doesn’t sound like huge numbers, but we’re concerned with healthy, sustainable weight loss. Even if you’re seriously obese and need to lose as much as 40 or 50kgs… at one kg per week you could be in healthy shape & ready to hit the pools this time next year.

So if you’re NOT losing 1kg per week, your weight loss plan is shit.

There, I said it. Your plan is shit. Or at least, something is going wrong and if you’re smart you’ll try to figure out what it is, rectify the problem, and start making consistent progress as you would expect.

Allow me to beg your indulgence for a moment as I take an educated guess at WHY your weight loss plan is not producing results.

Maybe if I do this in list format it’ll help me get straight to the point and not end up with another 3000 word article spread over 3 or more entries?

Unhealthy Methods.

Let’s not mince words here. Being fat is an unhealthy condition, caused by unhealthy conditions. Too many calories, too little movement, hormonal imbalance, high levels of toxins in the body… it could be any or all of these reasons.

Now, you LOSE WEIGHT in either of two ways. Because you have gotten MORE healthy, or because you have gotten LESS healthy. Most people lose weight when they get sick, right?

So, whether people realise it or not most commonly practised approaches are based on creating a health problem (for example starvation) that results in weight loss. Think about it for a minute… all these stupid “no carb” diets and so on, they’ll tell you how it’s about shocking the body and forcing it to adapt by using some other fuel source since you’re not giving it any. Screw that.

You don’t fix a health problem by replacing one unhealthy habit with another unhealthy habit.

The problem with all of these unhealthy approaches is that while they may promote some weight loss at first as your body struggles to function under the unnatural conditions you are subjecting it to, eventually it adapts… and then you’re stuck.This is why so many people lose say 10kg, are still 20kg overweight and conclude “I can’t lose any more no matter what I do, therefore this is the weight I am supposed to be”.

Incorrect, no one is supposed to be that weight.

You don’t understand the difference between training for fat loss, and training for fitness.

This is a big one. It seems like a lot of people in the world (including in the fitness industry) think cardiovascular fitness is the be all & end all as far as health and fitness.

I remember LOTS of stuff about measuring cardiovascular fitness and lung capacity when I was studying to become a PT, to show clients how much progress they are making and how their health is improving. I always figured if I had a weight loss client they probably won’t give a shit about seeing a higher number on a piece of paper next to “VO2 Max” if they’re not actually losing weight and feeling sexier, right?

Don’t get me wrong though, improved cardiovascular fitness and increased lung capacity is important and should be addressed in your training program. However, if you’re thinking “if I get fit, I’ll be healthy, and once I am fit & healthy then I’ll be skinny” you may be in for some serious disappointment. Especially if you focus all of your attention on cardiovascular fitness to the exclusion of anything else. And ESPECIALLY if you’re doing so on insufficient fuel (refer to above about unhealthy methods).

You still think the purpose of exercise is “to burn calories”.

Further to the above and really… if there was just one bad idea I could erase from the world of fitness with a god like wave of my hand I think “burn more calories” would be it.

Just doing things to “burn calories” is quite literally training to stay exactly where you are. I see people blogging about it all the time… I ate this much, so I have to do this much extra on the treadmill. Or, I burned this much at training, so I can eat this much extra.

It’s ridiculous. Start focusing on training in a manner that will change your body from what it is now into what you would like it to be, rather than just exercising to burn off what you had for lunch.

So if any of you are doing MY program but swapping the weights sessions out to “burn more calories with extra cardio” – STOP IT AT ONCE.

Your attitude!

You’re thinking “my attitude? What the hell is the matter with my attitude? I have a great attitude!”, right? Or maybe just “hey ease up, I am trying my best!”, right?

Here’s the deal. Just as the body influences the mind (aka your brain / emotions work better when you’re taking care of your physical health) so too the mind influences the body. This is why you get a placebo effect in medicine for example, where the person believes they are cured, and as a result the body does a better job of fighting off the infection. Or whatever.

The reverse is also true,. As Blaze Bayley says in the awesome song Faceless, “if you think you’re beaten you will be be beaten down, if you think you’re losing you have lost it all“. This relates to your nutrition planning. So many people choose a preposterously small amount of calories, an amount that they can’t possibly stick to BECAUSE A HUMAN BEING IS SUPPOSED TO EAT FOOD.

Actually sticking to the plan would be a bad thing anyway, but since after a few days they crack and eat “extra” (more like “closer to an amount that is actually appropriate”, most of the time) they beat themselves up thinking they’re not doing very well, not sticking to the plan, not being successful.

If you don’t think you’re being successful, you won’t be.

If you actually want to be successful, you must “set the game up to win” by having a plan that is actually appropriate to your goal, that is easy to stick to, and by giving yourself some slack. If you stick to a good plan for 9 days, and cut loose a little on the 10th… that’s still a 90% success rate. In fact I would consider it a 100% success rate since one day out of 10 aint going to make a lick of difference.

Bottom line on attitude, start recognising how much you do right, instead of only noticing what you do wrong. This stuff DOES make a difference, perhaps the biggest difference of all.

And there you go. That’s probably some if not all of the reasons you have not been seeing results at this point. Now if you actually do want results, study up on the free program right here at Lose Weight, No Bullshit. It’s free and it is legit with no scams or unhealthy methods tolerated.


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I'm DaveHPT, Maybe you've heard of me? Musician, rock star and recording artist. Published author. Former security industry professional. Personal Trainer and Weight Management Architect Of Awesomeness. Problem Solver.

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