OK here’s what I’m working on re: Online PT and Coaching via email

I’m making good progress and all fired up and enthusiastic about this, so here’s what’s coming very soon!

Custom Calorie And Macronutrient Recommendations

We’re going to dial in the appropriate plan to absolutely ensure that you reach your goal weight. Maybe you need to reduce calories, maybe you need to gradually increase… I don’t know yet, we need to talk first! I’ll ask you some questions and then crunch the numbers. We’ll review this at regular intervals as well.

Pre – Gym Program

This one is for the people who don’t have a gym membership already, and in particular people who are inactive and just need the motivation to get up and get started.

This is a one month program and it is going to get your nutrition on track, get your weight loss process started and get you up and active, ready to get serious and hit the gym with confidence. You’ll lose 5kg on this part of the program alone (assuming you’re actually starting from an obese weight range).

Power, Precision & Pump; Weight Loss & Body Sculpting Program

People who already have a gym membership can skip straight to this part of the program. We start off with the Introduction To Resistance Training program, which evolves into the brand new Power, Precision & Pump Ultimate Body Sculpting Routine as the program progresses.

There’s a lot of room for variety within this program so you’ll get instructions each day on exactly what you need to do when you hit the gym. We’re going to incorporate elements of my highly successful Progressive Power and Next Level programs as well and really reap all of the benefits that these different approaches have to offer.

Perhaps most importantly of all though, this is an eduction and motivation program as much as anything else. So, we’ll recap, review and elaborate on everything you’ve already learned in the free program right here on the website, so you’re going to fully understand why we’re doing what we are doing. On the motivational side… oh, I’ve got something special in mind, you’ll see!

All of this is going to be delivered by automated email, but I’ll be checking in on you to confirm your progress and regularly review our nutritional targets.

Gang you all should know by now that I have my own rather unique approach that I like to think is a good mix of straight shooting + empathy. My programs are all about what actually produces results,not what’s the latest trend in fitness or “physical entertainment” as I often describe it. I absolutely require that you get the results you sign on for and this program is going to deliver! Check my testimonials if you have even the slightest shadow of a doubt!

My methods get results!

Oh, how much you ask? Well, how much would it be worth to actually achieve your goal weight and goal body type? A lot more than 2 bucks a day, right?

Yep that’s right. The starting price is going to be (actually a bit less than) 2 bucks a day. I’ll review this at the end of January so get in while the getting is good.

Online Personal Training


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I'm DaveHPT, Maybe you've heard of me? Musician, rock star and recording artist. Published author. Former security industry professional. Personal Trainer and Weight Management Architect Of Awesomeness. Problem Solver.

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