The Fat Loss Factor Diet = Scumbags.

If you’ve read much of my writing you’ll know I am all about busting the scam diets and the unethical marketing that goes along with them. I’ve already written a few articles about how those garbage Very Low Calorie Diet products promote eating disorders and don’t work anyway… well.. .I just discovered something and it is so much worse than even I thought.

The Fat Loss Factor diet. I’d seen this a few times because they sponsor those stupid “5 foods to never eat” ads all over the internet, for example. And they have that website with the video presentation where… if you haven’t seen it, I shit you not it is a CARTOON of a buff looking “doctor” giving you the sales pitch on this “unusual way to lose belly fat”. A fucking cartoon! Surely if you’re actually in shape from using your own program, it’s easier and cheaper to stand in front of a camera and do your own presentation than it is to pay an artist to put together a massive animation plus a voice actor to narrate the whole thing?

Here’s a video I made for my tumblr people a little while back where I’m ranting and raving and swearing my head off about these sort of marketers masquerading as people who are (a) qualified, and (b) actually interested in helping you to lose weight. Like I said though, it gets worse so keep reading after the video.

That’s a non specific rant against the diet industry in general but getting back to Fat Loss Factor specifically… as I said, I have a tumblr blog, right? So I’m checking out the fitness related tags and there’s so much spam from dozens of fake accounts, with stolen “before and after” progress pics, pictures of athletes or models etc, and a caption underneath which is a disguised link to the Fat Loss Factor site.

That’s annoying but not really any worse than other spammers until I realised, they’ve also spammed all the eating disorder related tags. Let me make it clear… if you search eating disorder tags on tumblr, rather than “here’s why you do not want to develop an eating disorder”, or “help for people suffering from an eating disorder” or anything remotely nice and helpful like that… you get post, after post, after post of skinny women with “fat loss secrets click here” or “I need to lose belly fat now” underneath.

Really? You’re actually targeting sick and vulnerable people with your spam campaign to sell your dodgy scam of a weight loss system? That’s disgusting. You are the worst people on Earth.

SO I was outraged enough that I actually watched (most of, the bloody thing goes FOREVER) the cartoon on their site so that I could rip their product to shreds.

So here’s the gist of it their product as far as I could tell.

Something about a liver cleansing detox.

Actually yes, liver health is quite important to weight loss. Detox diets though? No. They don’t give the details, but almost always they are an extremely lower than low calorie diet with secret ingredients to cleanse the liver.
Your liver is quite efficient at cleaning itself if you just eat a normal diet without booze or toxic fast food, and you can give it a boost as simply as going to your local pharmacy or health shop and picking up some herbal supplements.
Gymnema slyvestre, milk thistle, and picrorhiza are the good ones.

Something about eating these special “fat burning foods”, so you can still eat as much unhealthy junk as you like the rest of the time.

Really now? You can eat as much junk as you like, as long as you also eat this magical combination which will wipe out any fat you would have otherwise gained.
Absolute bullshit. If you are consuming too many calories, you will gain fat. End of discussion.
Ironically later they talk about giving you a recipe book and a grocery list of what is ok to buy and what you should avoid when you hit the supermarket… so… that contradicts the “you don’t have to cut back on junk food” claim they make earlier.

Lose [whatever amount of] inches off your waist in the first [whatever amount of] weeks.

Yeah. Assuming you’re significantly overweight, when you cut back to lower than low calories you will lose a few inches of bloat, water retention and so on. It’s not fat loss though, make no mistake.

And the rest is just more of the usual “tell people what they want to hear to get the sale” sort of stuff. You don’t have to exercise very hard for very long very often, and so on.

So… much the same as all of the other diet products that I’m against. They all promise the same sort of results based on not actually changing much of your eating or exercise habits, and they’re all marketed towards people who don’t really believe in their ability to succeed in long term management. Look at their facebook page, it’s full of “ok I’ll buy the program, I hope I actually stick to it this time” posts from people who’ve already been duped by all the other scam products.

Actually targeting and exploiting eating disorder sufferers makes these guys the worst of the worst though.

What else I noticed.

I was trying to find information for example how many calories are in their meal plans and so on, but that’s not so easy. There are pages and pages of results if you search google, but all quite obviously created for them by their web marketing people, including video reviews from paid actors who from the look of them have never had a weight problem in the first place. This means it is going to be very hard to find any negative reviews. Hopefully this post will get seen by a few people though.

If your product is legit, why is the presentation made by a buff cartoon character rather than the actual creator of the program? Why such dubious web marketing tactics, including spamming as well as misleading paid advertisements? If you have any ethics or moral turpitude at all, why are your marketing people actively trying to exploit vulnerable eating disorder sufferers who are looking for help?

In short: fuck you, scumbags.


Author: davehpt

I'm DaveHPT, Maybe you've heard of me? Musician, rock star and recording artist. Published author. Former security industry professional. Personal Trainer, Online Coach and the INNOVATOR in Sports Nutrition.

18 thoughts on “The Fat Loss Factor Diet = Scumbags.”

    1. yes michael, i also lost 20 lbs within a weeek, i highly recommend this program. here is my review [url removed] with 20$ secret discount link! 🙂

  1. this company has preempted people looking for bad reviews by posting good reviews under “bad review” headings. It was actually quite difficult to find this particular site. The structure of the cartoon is clever in that it keeps you on the edge of your seat waiting for that “one tip” that’ll shed 8 pounds of fat in 9 days without any effort. They’re clever. And therefore…dangerous.

    1. that’s the thing! They ARE clever.
      They use the same marketing tactics for all sorts… different weight loss scams, muscle building programs, reverse male pattern baldness, fade your wrinkles, how to pick up chicks… all of it. And for each of them there is 8 million search results like you said, with a bad review headline and “actually it’s not a scam” as the article.

      I put it to you though; that many pages trying to convince you that it’s not a scam is pretty solid evidence that it actually is a scam.

    2. I disagree; they are not that clever. They just think people are dumb, and so some of us are. I hope the tide is against them though; i really do.

  2. Great review. As a user I can honestly say it is worth the money.. Here is another review I used before I bought the program [url removed]

    1. check this out. I write an entry calling them out as scumbags, and this gets posted as if it was a glowing review recommending the product. Do you need any more evidence that all the positive reviews you see of this product are written by marketers (not clients) and comments you’ll see anywhere the product name comes up are posted by robots?

  3. Love your spunk, Dave! 🙂 Especially loved the 3 minutes ‘rant’…language and all! It amazes me, as well, that you go to search up whether something is legit or not and the new thing is “xxx is a scam!’ so you click on this and it’s just another review trying to suck you in. I’m going to check out your website. 🙂 TY!


    1. Hi!
      I have just bought so called vfx fat loss system for weight loss. I was online searching for a new approach that could help me to stick to my diet and motivate me to do everyday exercise. So I saw their video and promises with money back guarantee and that persuaded me to buy the access to the program they have created (Venus Factor/ Venus Index Community). I must commit I was unlucky to search any real reviews online. And guess what? After completing a payment (47 usd which tuned into 56.80 USD including VAT) I was offered to buy other Very Special parts of this program as limited time offers, cookbooks etc. And all that before You even tried to understand how this program works!!! All free bonuses in the form of pdf articles like “17 “cheat” food that burn fat” finally turned into commercial that persuades to buy VERY SPECIAL supplement or additional book that would help You to loose weight much quicker and easier. Common, this is unfair to treat people like this!!!! They force You to spend more and more money and they make You feel that if You DO NOT BUY You will not be successful at weight loss. I think I am done with them and gonna try to claim my money back. Please wish me luck!
      I wish a great day to everyone!

  4. Oh how I wish I had seen your post before I fell succomed to the “program”. I read through a little bit of it after I dished out the money and am now trying to figure out how to even get in touch with these people! No phone number! so I can get my guaranteed refund he talks about in the stupid cartoon. *la sigh

    1. there was some kind of email adress featured in the video charles@ something, plus he promised to give his personal email. Did u even get his email address as promised? If u did have u tried to reach them for the money back guarantee?
      Man I’m glad I saw this post before I bought it.

  5. Alas I too succumbed to the “loose belly fat forever”! VFX.. the initial promise of dvd’s on food and exercise came to a total of $55.95AU.. thought what the hell its not much if it works… then u get the next offer of support at $79US a month. then 2 more offers. It says on screen..”do not go back or you could double ur order” so u r stuck for another 15 minutes trying to get off. At the end it comes up with a cook book for $30.17 and asks for card details again. I called my bank to cancel the whole transaction. It cant be done. Now have to wait till they take my money, dispute it and if lucky get refund if not get bank fee of $10.50. There’s an hour and a half of my life I’ll never get back! What a crock!

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