Is personal training effective?

Probably a pretty good question I should have addressed by now, wouldn’t you say?

For personal training to be effective, you really need two things:

  1. A Good Trainer
  2. A Good Client!

What makes a good trainer is in some ways a subjective thing, as you will need a trainer who is suited to your goals and needs. I have another blog coming soon on how to find YOUR ideal personal trainer, so we’ll leave that for now and move on to part #2.

What makes a good client? Well, in most businesses it’s probably just anyone who pays their bills on time but in the context of this blog we’re taking about how badly the client really wants to succeed with their training. Of course we’re taking about regularly attending their PT sessions and being prepared to train hard, but what about the rest of the week? A good client is one who follows their nutrition plan, stays active in between sessions and does their homework.

If you have a competent trainer who understands your goals, and you follow his or her advice and don’t sabotage yourself at snack time, there’s really no reason on earth why you should expect very good results indeed.

What more can you as a client do to ensure success?

Know your goal!

Not everyone has sporting ambitions and that’s ok. Your goal can just be “too look better in my swimsuit this summer”, or “to be able to run for the bus if I’m a little late”. Let your trainer know what you REALLY want to achieve, not what you think you SHOULD want to achieve and this will be an enormous help in coming up with the right program that will be both enjoyable and effective. Your trainer should be able to help you get to the bottom of this and really work out what your motivation is.

Be patient!

OK, if you stick to your nutrition plan, train hard and stay active you should start to see some results quite quickly. Actually achieving your dream physique though? It can be a long, slow process! After all, it might have taken you 10 or 20 years to get out of shape, getting back into shape is going to take more than a few weeks!

Believe in yourself!

This is really the main element that will make you a great client and go a long way towards ensuring great results. Banish any negative, self-limiting thoughts from your mind and always remind yourself, you CAN do this, and more importantly you DESERVE this.

Author: davehpt

I'm DaveHPT, Maybe you've heard of me? Musician, rock star and recording artist. Published author. Former security industry professional. Personal Trainer, Online Coach and the INNOVATOR in Sports Nutrition.

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